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    • Contributor | Mar 2013
    • Who knew a laundry room could be so fabulous and yet still so functional! The monochromatic colors, granite counter top and finished carpentry combine to make up a truly lovely laundry room.

  • rutheligio Apr 2013

    simple and very clean........lovely laundry room

  • keywest07 Apr 2013

    Would love to have this laundry room.

  • laequail Apr 2013


  • leatricediggs Apr 2013


  • redgem73 Jun 2013

    great color... love the cabintry... the detail of the W and D is great!

  • the Laundry Shoppe May 2014

    Simple, and elegant.

  • bloomdot Jun 2014

    Hi, I live in an area that has been depressed since the 1980s. We are far from the large homes that you show throughout. It would be nice to see some small or med size homes that are done with good taste and have not had a fortune spent updating them. I know that our area is not that unusual in our country. We are probably one of the lowest housing cost area in the USA but we still have taste and don't have the incomes that will let us spend a fortune to redesign and renovate our homes. I am renovating a very small bungalow that we want to rent out in the near future. This house has about 800 sq. ft. but is laid out in a manor that makes it look roomy and comfortable. I have been trying to get ideas for the renovation but most of what you show is way out of the means of the people where I live, can afford. I am doing this house with class at the least cost that I can occur. I have to do replacement windows, revamp the Kitchen, Bathroom, basement shower/toilet, and many broken down areas of the house. I am also building a pantry, and deck onto the house. The only thing that is in good shape is the unattached garage. We bought it for a song but trying to bring it up to standards and beauty is costly unless we work diligently trying to find the most reasonable prices. I would like to find more pictures of small/very small houses that have curb appeal, and very very small bathrooms and kitchens that can be up to date without buying the moon to go into them. I look at this web site often to try to get ideas but you are way out of our league.

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