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  • $2,829.99
  • Elements Haley 3-Piece Fabric Collection in Seashell - 1 Sofa with 2 Standard Chairs
  • See at hayneedle
  • $550
  • Dash and Albert Rugs Royal Woven Lighthouse Denim & White Area Rug
  • See at wayfair
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  • Lee Industries L9456-90 Cocktail Ottoman
  • Lee Industries
  • See at leeindustries
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  • $626.75
  • Robert Abbey Sofia Floor Lamp
  • Robert Abbey
  • See at lumens


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Traditional Living Room with Wall sconce, Robert Abbey Sofia Floor Lamp, Cement fireplace, Hardwood floors, Transom window Traditional Living Room with Wall sconce, Robert Abbey Sofia Floor Lamp, Cement fireplace, Hardwood floors, Transom window

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    • maryysmoon
    • I like how this living room is very spacious and bright. :D
    • blonde36
    • This room is exquisite, no kids or pets right? Love everything about it.
    • user96629451
    • I love the brightness of the room and light beige/blue combo is my favorite!!
    • lsplatto
    • Windows, molding, built-ins, shades of blue. I love it!
    • susan langford
    • Built ins offer shelves for displaying, closed cabinets and drawers for storage below provide foundation with a ledge for sitting. Wall of light provided by high ceilings with windows above french doors that have drapes for controlling entry of light and outside view can enhance the already intimate mood the design of this room offers. Arrangement of furniture encourages conversation. Decor and accessories blend in perfectly.
    • kathycaney
    • My favorite of all rooms I have viewed. Can I paint the brick around my fireplace?
    • Digs Designer Kirsten
    • Hi kathycaney! I absolutely love this room as well!! It is so light and airy with a beautiful mix of patterns. I found an article on painting the inside of your fireplace - looks like it takes some prep work and specialty paint that withstands high heat. You can copy and paste this URL in your address bar : I would also check with your local paint stores to see if they have recommendations.
    • The ottoman liked to this is not the same one. Do you know the real source?
    • purdydemian
    • Is the fireplace an insert? Please tell us a little more about it.
    • user5366214
    • how come all the products you have tagged are not the actual products in the picture. The pillows on the couch in the pic that come with the couch are clearly different as they wing over the arm rests and the link those do not. The ottoman has a defined base on it and z galleries doesnt and the chairs you say are from ballard do not have the same fabric...all the products are close but not exact. I bet if you told us exactly where you got them it would be way more. And the rug isnt even close.
    • lgernot
    • Please do not send more emails. I used Zillow frequently, and we sold our last house and bought a new home. Thank you for your help.
    • kathycaney
    • This would be a retired teacher's dream come true. I am going to try to duplicate it as my family room doors look out to a lake.
    • Digs Designer Donna
    • Zillow Digs tries to find the exact product but if we can't, we try and find a similar product that would have the same look and create the same feel.
    • Digs Designer Donna
    • I think you are correct this fireplace sure does look like an insert. A link to a company that carries a similar insert and also has several options to choose from between glass, firebrick, and stone or logs is shown above.
    • Digs Designer Donna
    • The link to the ottoman has been updated to reflect one that has either the same or similar shape to the one in this picture. The ottoman in this photograph looks to be custom. Lee Industries makes an ottoman which has the same shape and style and has all the options to make this same ottoman. Finish, nail heads, legs, casters, and fabric are all available options. I hope this gets you closer to the ottoman you are looking for.
    • kathycaney
    • Are the 2 sofas identical or is one a loveseat? This is a magnificent family room!
    • Digs Designer Donna
    • There are no other photographs of this room to determine if the sofas are identical or not. From the placement of the throw pillows both sofas look to be identical two cushion sofas.
    • kathycaney
    • I would go in debt to recreate this look in my home on the lake. What flooring was used?
    • Digs Designer Donna
    • This is a very beautiful and comfortable room. Having a room like this at a lake house would be wonderful. This is the only photograph we have of this room and with the amount of flooring showing, it is difficult to tell the flooring. I did link the flooring with a dark wide hardwood plank, I took a guess on the type of wood and width of the boards.
    • stllgns
    • Just found my livingroom windows! Do you have images of outside paint combination?
    • Digs Designer Donna
    • Unfortunately we don't have photographs of the exterior of this house, so we are unable to tell you the paint combination.
    • kathycaney
    • I want to duplicate this look. I love the wall color but not sure about a tan for the woodwork. Is it tan or a light blue? Also, what color would I use of the ceiling.
    • Digs Designer Donna
    • Monitors have a tendency to show colors differently. I see the wood work as a tan, similar to the tan linked above. I would paint the ceiling either a white or the same color as the trim like you see part of the ceiling by the upper windows.
    • ashleydanielleshiles
    • This is a charming design that my husband and I have dreamed of having in our living room space! How much for this design? Also I would like to add on the French doors and the open side view deck?
    • Digs Designer Donna
    • I recommend contacting a local contractor or architect to help you with this design. A contractor or architect could tell you explicit costs. You can search for professionals in Zillow's Directory here:
    • JanFran123
    • To All of the designers Can you put the dimensions of the rooms in the description box to the right? Thanks!
    • Digs Designer Donna
    • I will pass that request along, however, I am not sure if that is something that could be done for every photo that comes in. However, if the dimensions are requested for any particular photo the designers will answer to the request as best as they can.
    • JanFran123
    • Thanks so much. I am looking to buy a new home and to achieve this look I now know to look for something relative to the size that I see in this picture. Thanks again.

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