• mslilith2000 Feb 2013

    I so need this!

  • MelissaPeery Feb 2013

    Is this custom? Or can it be purchased?

  • skawinskik Feb 2013

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  • Vicki Eisel Starinsky Feb 2013

    I would love a pantry like this but this looks bigger than my kitchen!

  • Betty Simmons Feb 2013

    Love the storage

  • sanjig Feb 2013

    So how much does this cost?

  • gigatthefarm Feb 2013

    I had a pantry similar to this in my last home, so much storage in juist a little space, I loved it

  • JenF41 Feb 2013

    I want this in my next life

  • loveofcatsandkittens Feb 2013

    i would like this in my house

  • mrscjcj Mar 2013

    Okay I'm in love with these cabinets

  • Mackenzie Martin Mar 2013

    This feature should come standard in all kitchens :) Reminds me of the shoe closet from the movie "Overboard" with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell!!!!

  • Melissa Reed Apr 2013

    This is what I need in my kitchen LOL

  • live2shop Aug 2013

    where do u buy this?

  • NinaKenney Aug 2013

    A pantry for pots and pans

  • bethsnarski Aug 2013

    My Dream Pantry

  • chase_family Aug 2013

    Love the storage

  • Chasity Griffin Aug 2013

    love it!!!want it!!!!

  • Janice MacMillan Aug 2013

    Love this multi-storage pantry!

  • cminer1963 Sep 2013

    I never thought of a white kitchen but......seeing the kitchens online, as I dream, I find white to be my final choice. A white kitchen seems somehow "cottegy" and open, airy! I think when things are all said and done, I will go with a white kitchen....add pops of color in the flooring, backsplash and accessories...some glass cupboard doors as well to add some character and crown moulding on the tops! Dream away dreamer....

  • dianna.doherty Sep 2013

    mine, i'm in love

  • Knitchic410 Oct 2013

    How do I go about getting myself one of these? Wow!!!!!

  • Knitchic410 Oct 2013

    Not sure if anyone checks these comments, as several of us have asked where to contact to get more information on the pantry above. No one seems to answer. Frustrating, isn't it?

  • JenF41 Dec 2013

    If you know a good builder. Otherwise check out the DYI Network website

  • MarieVal Feb 2014

    I want this

  • gainescaryl3 Feb 2014

    This is next project at my church. I am so in love with idea, storage space. It says, "HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS". AMEN. The designer put their HEART in to this gorgeous space!

  • Peg Donahue Feb 2014

    I love to organize, organize and organize some more!

  • lisamasonroland Feb 2014

    Wow i soooooo need this how nice n tidy and hidden :)

  • lisamasonroland Feb 2014

    I luv it, so tidy and hidden....need this in my life

  • Mike Stearns Feb 2014

    Love It. Great use of the deep space...

  • Mike Stearns Feb 2014

    Love It. Great use of the deep space...

  • Jonathan Ruhe Feb 2014

    Looks like a Cameo Kitchens pantry

  • doepow Feb 2014

    Need this.

  • dianna.doherty Feb 2014

    This is the greatest cabinet I've ever seen. I want one

  • CurtoMJ Feb 2014

    Most Kitchen cabinet lines carry these type of pantry cabinets. They are all similar in style. They are pricey, but look what you get. I have installed similar cabinets, and the customers have always been very excited with the results. If you want any answers I would be happy to help you. I could be contacted at My company is KC Beautiful Dimensions. I do Home Improvement Services. I also have white kitchen cabinets, and it allows you to do so much in the rest of the kitchen. Curtis Jacobson KC Beautiful Dimensions

  • Michelle Grimm Feb 2014


  • LuxuryIsMyMiddleName Feb 2014


  • JamaikaHawthorne Mar 2014

    This is a must for my first home.

  • ummkulthum9 2 weeks ago

    I'm in love :) this is just awesome

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