• By Zillow Digs
    • Contributor | Jan 2013
    • @DonDeEstelbano -- We would love to see more photos!

  • Zillow Digs Jan 2013

    Pool paradise stretching to infinity and beyond.

  • TMoyni Feb 2013

    Just looking at that view relaxes me. Makes me want to grab a margarita!

  • kethineni Feb 2013

    Priceless !

  • Zillow Digs Feb 2013

    @elynne1432 - When you have a view this breathtaking, who else could you want?

  • Zillow Digs Feb 2013

    @Andreas Madsen - Everyone needs their own little slice of paradise!

  • ammar.ahmad20 Feb 2013

    Nice resort

  • MarkAckerman5 Feb 2013

    wish i could visit a long time...

  • Zillow Digs Feb 2013

    @mambler2002 - Great eye! Have you had the chance to visit?

  • DonDeEstelbano Feb 2013

    I remodeled the backyard.

  • Jaguar77 Feb 2013

    My blood pressure dropped 20 points just by looking at this! Very peaceful looking.....

  • sparkinson808 Feb 2013

    Looks like just another gorgeous day in Lanikai....

  • Dawn Bacchus-Horan Feb 2013

    The perfect place to relax after a long days work!

  • lisamariereece Feb 2013

    Looks like Kailua bay, HI.

  • Dawn Bacchus-Horan Feb 2013

    The simple things that keeps us close to Divine Presence..Enjoy Peace On Earth!

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