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    Brady SpanglerAxia Home Loans(808) 757-9335Mortgage Planning, Refinancing, Purchase Loan
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    Justin MatsukawaPrimary Residential Mortgage Hawaii(808) 585-9888 x217Mortgage Planning, Refinancing, Purchase Loan, Other
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    Keith McClintockPrimary Residential Mortgage, Inc.(808) 369-8888 x255Refinancing, Home Equity, Purchase Loan
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    Diamondhead FundingDiamond Head Funding, Inc.(808) 667-6805Refinancing, Purchase Loan
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    Robert MartinsonMann Mortgage(808) 443-5001Mortgage Planning, Refinancing, Home Equity, Purchase Loan
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    Brian BenderKama'aina Mortgage Group(808) 426-7652Refinancing, Home Equity, Purchase Loan

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