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    National Bank of KCNational Bank of Kansas City(913) 954-4516Refinancing, Purchase Loan
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    NorthpointeBankNorthpointe Bank(866) 418-7174Refinancing, Purchase Loan
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    David Horvath1st Mariner Bank Mortgage Division(443) 306-7191Refinancing, Purchase Loan, Mortgage Planning, Home Equity
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    Kat WhitmanWhitman Met, Inc.(916) 622-6650Refinancing, Purchase Loan, Mortgage Planning, Other
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    Mark VentroneABLEnding, Inc.(866) 260-2253Refinancing, Purchase Loan, Mortgage Planning
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    James B. Nutter & CompanyJames B. Nutter & Company(800) 699-7334Refinancing, Purchase Loan, Home Equity, Other
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    Justin SheftellCourtesy Mortgage(619) 756-7131Refinancing, Other
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    Craig LipsonThe Money Store(973) 805-2000 x1598Refinancing, Purchase Loan
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    Tom CoyneUmpqua Bank formerly Sterling Bank(509) 783-7300Refinancing, Purchase Loan, Mortgage Planning, Home Equity
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    Pierre TawilFidelity Bancorp(909) 476-3575Refinancing, Purchase Loan, Mortgage Planning, Home Equity
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