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    Mark VentroneABLEnding, Inc.(866) 260-2253Purchase Loan, Mortgage Planning, Refinancing
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    Magid EmraniRPM Mortgage(800) 783-5626Purchase Loan, Mortgage Planning, Refinancing, Home Equity
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    Gina DaleCentrue Bank(630) 466-6500Purchase Loan, Refinancing, Home Equity
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94160 Refinance Advice

Title Company Messed up on Transfer Tax after closing

We closed a refinance loan 3 days ago and it was funded. I took my ex wife from the quit claim deed ... - 6 Answers

Pay off mortgage $375k left

Hi there      Im hoping to get some real and confirmed info on how to do this legally? ... - 5 Answers

Cash our refinance or TIC loan?

Three of my mom's friend have agreed to sell their share of a 4 unit property to me.  Thus, I will ... - 2 Answers

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