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    Joseph NataleJoseph Natale Construction(760) 945-5004Electrical, Plumbing, General Contracting, Home Building
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    Joe GroffNoble Electric(717) 305-0989Electrical
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    HomeRepairNetworkHOCOA - Your Home Repair Network(760) 720-7474Electrical, Painting, General Contracting, Landscaping
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    Big Three ConstructionBig Three Construction(877) 500-2443Electrical, Carpentry, General Contracting, Home Building
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    Kitchen Bath WerksKitchen and Bath Werks(909) 573-5844Electrical, Plumbing, General Contracting, Other
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    Joseph's CarpentryJoseph's Carpentry(606) 625-1696Electrical, Carpentry, General Contracting, Other
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    BrandonHandyman . comFix it Guy(813) 943-5250Electrical, Carpentry, Plumbing
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    James ParisParis Electric(717) 385-8553Electrical
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    hoelectricH.O. Electric(617) 489-6324Electrical, Plumbing, Interior Design, Engineering
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    JBC NetworkJBC Builders & Electric, Inc.(813) 232-5000Electrical, General Contracting, Home Building
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