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    Brandon M BrotskyPrimary Residential Mortgage, Inc.(954) 780-5565Refinancing, Purchase Loan, Mortgage Planning, Home Equity
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    NorthpointeBankNorthpointe Bank(866) 418-7174Refinancing, Purchase Loan
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    Texas Trust Home LoansTexas Trust Home Loans(855) 712-1101Refinancing, Purchase Loan, Other
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    CBC National BankCBC National Bank(877) 700-4427Refinancing, Purchase Loan, Home Equity
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    Michael BarrettMerrimack Mortgage Company, Inc(508) 812-9001Refinancing, Purchase Loan, Mortgage Planning, Other
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    James B. Nutter & CompanyJames B. Nutter & Company(800) 699-7334Refinancing, Purchase Loan, Home Equity, Other
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    John PaunanIntegrity Mortgage Corporation(847) 613-9129Refinancing, Purchase Loan, Mortgage Planning, Home Equity
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    Aurora FinancialAurora Financial(877) 887-1117Refinancing, Purchase Loan
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    GoGSFGoGSF(800) 444-7283Refinancing, Purchase Loan, Mortgage Planning
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    NFM LendingNFM Lending(866) 765-1830Refinancing, Purchase Loan
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