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    Chris McNamaraLiwo & McNamara, P.C.(781) 246-4000 x2Legal, Title, Notary
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    Brian GryllGryll Law(847) 673-8383Legal, Title, Notary
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    Joel GerberBrannen, Searcy & Smith, LLP(912) 234-8875Commercial R.E., Legal, Title
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    Michael KuldinerLaw Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.(215) 942-2100Legal, Escrow, Title
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    G Lee MillerG. Lee Miller, Esq., P.C.(843) 661-5353Legal, Title, Notary
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    Jon MacQuarrieJon MacQuarrie, Attorney at Law(781) 849-1470Legal
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    James ClarkJames E. Clark - Attorney at Law(631) 539-8889Legal, Property Management
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    Nick SmithPonderosa Law Group, LLC(208) 991-4951 x2Commercial R.E., Legal, Title
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    Lori KellermannThe Kellermann Law Office(352) 577-5868Legal, Property Management, Title
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    Janet BrownUnited Title of Louisiana, Inc.(318) 795-4837Legal, Escrow, Title, Notary
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