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    Leah BurtonFirst American Title(503) 693-2206Title, Notary, Escrow
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    Jeff QuinnFirst American Title(907) 786-9951Title, Notary, Escrow
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    Ali AlaviAlavi + Braza, P.C.(877) 552-2529Legal, Title, Notary, Commercial R.E.
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    Claire BuchnerHome First Title Group, LLC(410) 451-8844 x24Legal, Title, Notary, Escrow
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    Alison TillettLegends Title Group(301) 275-2652Legal, Title, Notary
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    Steven HarperTrademark Title Services, Inc.(904) 579-4868Title, Insurance, Property Management, Escrow
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    CLA TitleC.L.A. Title & Escrow(888) 924-9008Title, Escrow
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    Melissa LeeGilmartin Magence(617) 375-9000 x5608Legal, Title, Notary
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    Brad BrittainLawyers Title(800) 464-8444Title, Escrow
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    Jane RikeFidelity Lawyers Title Agency LLC(937) 228-0315Title, Insurance, Notary, Escrow
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