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Lender Reviews in Eugene, OR

The "Ratings" sort is based on an algorithm that balances the number and average rating of each professional's reviews.

Reviews in Eugene

The "Ratings" sort is based on an algorithm that balances the number and average rating of each professional's reviews.

Client review

Christine Duncan

(541) 636-4427

33 total reviews (20 local)

HomeStreet Bank

NMLS #: 403719

Review 09/30/2015:

"Won't hesitate to use her again."

Nick Carter

(541) 357-4823 x2801

8 total reviews (4 local)

Directors Mortgage

NMLS #: 200547

Review 08/05/2015:

"This was not a problem for Nick, he found me a loan and great rate."

Debra Basile

(541) 342-7576 x1336

6 total reviews (4 local)

Alpine Mortgage

NMLS #: MLO - 270751 Equal Housing Lender

Review 10/24/2014:

"I had a newborn baby, so it was often hard for me to stay on top of everything, ..."

Jonathen Adams

(541) 646-3028

129 total reviews (3 local)


NMLS #: 386877

Review 10/26/2015:

"Jonathen provides a personal touch to his business-heavy profession."

Andy Harris

(503) 880-2427

98 total reviews (3 local)

Vantage Mortgage Group, Inc.

NMLS #: 124161

Review 12/09/2014:

"I couldnGÇÖt be more satisfied with my new purchase or the help I had to acquire it...."

Gordon Duncan

(541) 636-4957

7 total reviews (3 local)

HomeStreet Bank

NMLS #: 409956

Review 08/18/2014:

"have already sent him to other friends who have closed deals as well.this"

Laurie Willis

(541) 743-2976

5 total reviews (3 local)

Alpine Mortgage Planning

NMLS #: 246353

Review 11/06/2015:

"(we were able to qualify for one) during this time we kept in contact with Laurie ..."

Doug Jacobson

(503) 860-5938

48 total reviews (3 local)

Capital Hill Mortgage

NMLS #: 114256

Review 10/15/2015:

"They got everything cleared up and I couldn't be happier."

John Belli MLO-254976

(503) 803-8809

34 total reviews (2 local)

Capital Hill Mortgage

NMLS #: 254976 Individual

Review 07/15/2015:

"He was prompt with any questions I had and made everything less stressful throughout ..."

Jason & Michelle Harms

(541) 870-6730

3 total reviews (2 local)

Primary Residential Mortgage

NMLS #: 1205903

Review 11/25/2015:

"From start to finish they were so well organized and thorough that there were no ..."

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