Zillow® Listings Feed Program

If you have more than 200 listings, you can send us listings data through our free automated feed program. You can upload multiple property photos, virtual tours, open house information, and much more. There is no cost to participate in the program. Additionally, Zillow and Yahoo! Real Estate have an exclusive partnership where Zillow powers all for-sale listings on Yahoo! Real Estate! With one feed, your listings will show up on both sites.

Requirements to send a feed

Sending a listing feed is a technical undertaking that requires publishing an XML file to Zillow. Simply sending us a URL of your website does not provide enough information for online listing display. Creating a feed XML file requires the ability to create a file that conforms to our specification.

Once you have read the spec and have an XML feed ready, click the blue "Submit Your Listings Feed" button below to create an account and accept the terms of use. Please note that it can take 4-6 weeks for a new feed to go live on the site. Zillow inspects each feed individually by doing high level quality checks before setting a new feed live on the site. It is a manual and time-intensive process that ensures your data appears with the highest quality on Zillow.

Less than 200 listings?

If you have less than 200 listings, you can submit your listings to Zillow using a manual process. Listings submitted here will also appear on the Yahoo! Real Estate website.

Please visit the Zillow Listings Feed FAQ to see commonly asked questions.

See Zillow's user demographics to see the type of people you'll reach by publishing your listings to Zillow.

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