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  • We support HTTP and FTP protocols in three different XML formats: ZIF (Zillow Interchange Format), TFF (Trulia Feed Format), and MITS (Multifamily Information and Transactions Standards).
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Background Information

What is a feed?

A feed is a means to publish frequently updated data in a consistent data format. In the Zillow Listings Feed process, it's an XML file that transmits your listings. Typically, a Web master or software developer will set up the feed.

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What types of feeds will you and won't you accept?

Zillow will process feeds from agents, brokers, MLSs, or software vendors when sending MLS sourced listing data. The data must be updated at least daily to be accepted. No active listing data that is manually created and maintained will be accepted in a feed format. In the case of "for sale" listing feeds, at a minimum, the true listing broker must be represented, and the broker must have a contractual relationship with the home owner. In the case of "for rent" listings, the entity representing the rental property must have permission directly from the owner/property manager to post the listing as "for rent". We do not accept feeds that contain REOs, vacation rentals, time shares, foreclosures without direct agent representation, commercial listings, or manufactured or mobile housing that doesn’t include land in the sales price. Further, custom marketing agreements must be made for feeds representing For Sale By Owner, Foreclosure, REIT or Auction listings (email partners@zillow.com).

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How do I ensure my listings get to the Yahoo! Real Estate section?

Zillow is the exclusive provider of For Sale data to Yahoo! Real Estate. You only have to have an active feed up with Zillow, and then we will ensure that data also finds its way to Yahoo!. In summary, one feed will power both sites. Zillow does not currently provide rental listings to Yahoo! Real Estate.

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What does it cost to set up a feed to Zillow?

Nothing. It's free to send Zillow a listings feed.

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Then, how do you make money?

Zillow is a media site - we display content and sell ads around the content.

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Can my logo appear on my listings?

We will only display logos for the actual Broker of the for sale or for rent properties that come to us in a standalone feed. We associate logos with the feed itself, not with individual listings. If multiple brands are included in your feed, we cannot display multiple logos, so logos will not appear on your listings. When submitting a feed, you'll be asked to set up an account. It is here that you submit the logo. The logo should be a jpeg that is 80x40 pixels. Anything outside of this size will look distorted online.

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Does the listing information change the home's Zestimate?

It certainly could! When the feed comes in and we see that any basic home facts (beds, baths, square feet) are different than the information we have received from county records, we update the information in our system. Zestimates on the site are recalculated three times a week. So the next time the system looks at the property records and sees the change, it could potentially affect the Zestimate.

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Do you charge for enhanced listings?

No. All the listings on Zillow are "enhanced" for free. You can upload unlimited photos, provide agent contact information and include links to virtual tours and personal Web sites - at no cost. If you want to step on the marketing gas pedal even more, then we encourage you to participate in our ZIP code targeting advertising opportunities by becoming a Premier Agent or consider "Featuring" your listings for 3 times more exposure than non-featured listings.

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What information will appear in the listings on Zillow once the feed is set up?

Any information that you provide in the feed will appear on Zillow. For example, sales or rental price, beds, baths, home description, unlimited photos, listing/leasing agent contact information, etc., will all appear on your Zillow posting.

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Why does Zillow need to retain some of the "basic data"?

When new home facts and information are added to our database, it helps to build information about the history of a home and assist in the overall customer experience. Since we will get this data from county records anyway, we prefer to not give our customers an inconsistent experience when looking at homes by adding data, removing it, and adding it again. So, when "basic data" is added to a home via a listing feed, it becomes part of the house history on Zillow.

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Submitting Feeds to Zillow

What communication protocols do you support?

We support HTTP and FTP protocols. If your feed is password protected, please contact us at feeds@zillow.com and we'll set things up to maintain that security.

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What kind of feed formats do you support?

We support two types of XML feeds:

  • ZIF (Zillow Interchange Format): This is our own feed format that will allow you to create rich listings on Zillow. (See the technical spec for the Zillow Interchange Format.)
  • TFF (Trulia Feed Format): If you have a feed set up with Trulia, you can use that same format for Zillow.
  • MITS (Multifamily Information and Transactions Standards): This is a listing feed format designed specifically for the apartment rental sector.

Please choose only one format when submitting, and use it consistently throughout the feed data. We cannot process a hybrid of multiple formats.

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I don't have an XML formatted file, can you just scrape my site for listings?

No, we don't have this capability. There are a number of issues with scraping, but namely, inconsistencies between different sites' formats cause data errors. A feed provides a consistent, guaranteed format that ensures your listings are posted on Zillow with high-quality data. If sending an XML file isn't an option, please consider manually uploading your listings or using a syndication service.

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How many homes can I supply in a feed?

As many as you want!

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How many photos can I supply in the feed?

Each home can have an unlimited number of photos. Each photo file size can be up to 5 MB. We encourage you to supply as many photos as you can as we have found that listings with more photos get materially more page views than those with fewer.

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How long does it take to process a new feed?

The answer to this can depend on how many other feeds are in the queue to be processed. There is a good deal of manual work that goes into setting a feed live on our end, including performing a number of quality checks on the feed. Please allow a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks before the feed is activated.

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Displaying Listings from Feeds

How do you handle the contacts from buyers/renters?

The source for the feed (e.g., broker, data provider) will provide the contact information for each listing, whether it is for an individual agent or a centralized call center. The contact information that is displayed on Zillow (e.g., e-mail, phone, Web address) comes directly from the feed you provide and cannot be overridden.

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How is the for-sale/for-rent price and Zestimate/Rent Zestimate displayed together?

Prior to the home being posted for sale or rent on Zillow, the Zestimate/Rent Zestimate appears in any search results and at the top of all home details pages. Once a home is posted for sale or rent, the Zestimate/Rent Zestimate is made smaller on the home details page and moved near the bottom on the page, while the For Sale/For Rent price is promoted to the top and is the most prominent number on the posting. We don't completely remove the Zestimate/Rent Zestimate from the page because it is something that our users expect to see on Zillow.

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What happens if the Zestimate/Rent Zestimate is very different from my listing/rental price?

Zillow's Zestimate/Rent Zestimate is a starting point and is not to be used as an appraisal. Since we've never been in the home, we fully expect a local real estate professional will have the best feel for a home's value. Also, keep in mind that when a home is posted for sale or rent on Zillow, the listing/rental price is the primary and most dominant price on the home's detail page while the Zestimate/Rent Zestimate is moved to a secondary position on the page.

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Will there be advertising near my listing information?

Yes, advertising is our revenue source and it's how we are able to provide your listings with exposure to our huge audience, for free.

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Can I edit property information on Zillow after submitting a feed?

Yes, an agent with an active profile on Zillow can edit their listings on the site, but best option is to edit the information at the source of the feed. Approximately every 2 weeks, any changes the agent made directly on Zillow will get overridden with the feed's data. The exception to this is that agents can add extra photos, a virtual tour link or open house information to a listing without worry that the feed will disrupt these additions.

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Will photos be overridden, too?

No. Photos that were uploaded manually or via a feed will not be overridden.

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I'm not sure how to create a feed, how do I get started?

Please read the technical spec for the Zillow Interchange Format. If you still have questions, e-mail us at feeds@zillow.com

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How does an Agent's or Property Manager's profile connect with their listings?

On Zillow, Professional Profiles and listings are tied together via the email address. When the email address on the listing matches the email address on the profile, the system knows to tie the two together and allow for editing and reporting privileges. The feed spec does allow for two email addresses to be submitted, for those who use an email management system that requires unique email addresses. In this case, you can submit one email address to tell us where to send the lead, and a second email address that will be used for matching purposes only (this functionality is pending for Property Manager profiles).

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Maintaining Feeds

How soon will a listing come down when the house is sold or rented?

When you remove a home from your feed, the listing will come down on Zillow the next time we process your feed. You can also remove listings by going into My Zillow, and then click on Listings. Here you can cancel any listings that are no longer for sale. Please be sure to also remove the listing from any feeds, because if it is still active in a feed, it will get rewritten to the site. At the bottom of every listing details page, the listing source is noted for this purpose.

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What happens if I change information about a listing in the feed? Will Zillow reflect this change too?

Zillow will display whatever data exists in your feed. So if the price changed or new information is added to a listing, it will be updated on Zillow once the updated feed is received by Zillow.

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What if I am not able to update it every day?

Your listings information will be updated as often as we receive data about the home.

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What if I change my mind and don't want my feed on Zillow?

To take your feed off of Zillow, and thus take down the sale status of all of your listings, you can send a feed containing no properties.

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Why are my listings not showing up on my profile?

Zillow matches listings on the site to an agent's profile by the email address. The email address given to us by your listing syndicator may be different than the one used to create your profile. This mismatch prevents the listings from appearing on your profile. You can either change your email address on your profile to the address used for your listings, or you can add a secondary e-mail address on your profile (directions in this video, functionality pending for Property Managers). If you still cannot get your listings to show up on your profile, please contact Zillow Customer Support via e-mail at listingsupport@zillow.com.

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What if some of my listings are missing?

Please contact Zillow Customer Support via e-mail at listingsupport@zillow.com.

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Who do I contact in case something isn't working correctly?

Please contact Zillow Customer Support via e-mail at feeds@zillow.com.

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Do you provide reporting of any kind?

When an agent activates their free account on Zillow, they will receive bi monthly reports on any listings attached to their account via email. Our Premier clients receive enhanced reporting benefits. Email sales@zillow.com to learn more.

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Do you send the listings anywhere else on the Internet?

As the exclusive provider of listing content to Yahoo! Real Estate, we automatically send your for-sale listings to this popular portal.

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