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Trinity Baptist Temple Academy

6045 Wj Boaz Road, Fort Worth, TX 76179
(817) 237-4255

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Private Grades PK-12 180 students 12 students/teacher (TX avg is 15)

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Trinity Baptist Temple Academy is a private high school in Fort Worth. 180 students go to Trinity Baptist Temple Academy and identify primarily as Asian/Pacific Islander; Asian; and White, non-Hispanic. The ratio of students to teachers at Trinity Baptist Temple Academy is 12:1. Elmer C Watson High School is one of the nearest high schools.

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  • Computer arts


  • Basketball
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Student Ethnicities

Ethnicity School District
Asian/Pacific Islander 8% %
Asian 8% %
White, non-Hispanic 62% %
Hispanic 19% %
Black, non-Hispanic 11% %
Native American or Native Alaskan 0% %
Multiracial 0% %
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0% %

Community ratings & reviews

  • (9 months ago)

    My kids attended this 'advanced' school. Both were tested independently of the school at the end of the year and despite earning high marks at Trinity Academy they were found to be very behind their peers at other schools. I was shocked that our money and trust was spent for nothing. In response to the comment that parental involvement is key I agree. But when the principal hangs up on you and your attempts to contact the teacher are ignored it gets difficult. But still my wife volunteered attended every function and visited the school frequently.

  • (9 months ago)

    TBTA clearly states in their handbook that it's school is a ministry & extension of its church. We found that this means exactly what is says. Outsiders (you don't attend their church) will have a hard time working with the cliquish & immature leadership. Rules are not enforced equally. Our child unfortunately fell behind academically . The tuition is cheap which means they cannot afford to hire qualified teachers. Teachers are overworked and under paid. The good thing is that many good christian families have left this school and have bonded through the horrible experience.

  • (11 months ago)

    Awesome!!!! I am so pleased with the education my children receive. Would recommend school to anyone.

  • (11 months ago)

    Amazing school! The comment regarding being "nickel & dimed all year" Upon enrollment parents are told about all fundraisers & are given the option to "opt out" for a "fee" or sign an agreement to PARTICIPATE. The school highly encourages parents GET INVOLVED! Turnover rates The school is small everyone knows everyone. In a big school this is not the case & less evident when a teacher comes/goes. MANY teachers have been there 5-10+ years. Teachers don't hold degrees The school is an ACSI accredited school. This is no secret but something the school is proud of. A parent should educate themselves on what this means. Teachers generally comprised of friends/family of its church Trinity is a private christian school & a ministry of Trinity Baptist Temple so yes the church is very supportive; but there are just about as many non-members on staff. Unprepared for college I have spoken to several graduates this year (public private big and small) schools & they all feel unprepared. This is a NORMAL reply from a 17-18 year old. As a parent do your homework.. The school is highly ranked has WONDERFUL staff who teach/show children God's love and is a GREAT CHOICE!

  • (11 months ago)

    I have three students in this school. We have been attending for going on the fourth year. The curriculum is advanced and challenging. My kids have grown not only academically but spiritually as well. They teach Jesus Christ unapologetically. The staff are sweet hearted devoted people with a true love for Jesus and for their students. I couldn't imagine going back to public school after being at TBTA.

  • (11 months ago)

    My child in 4th grade and my 2nd child is starting prek. They have worked one on one with my child who has struggled academically. I have compared the course work to others and it is always advanced. The small classes have helped teachers to give attention to my child. At one time I was excited to learn who my child s teacher would be and anxiously waited through the Summer. This past school year a teacher I did not know was going to be my child s teacher I was very nervous all Summer. By the end of the year I have realized that the administration of the school puts a lot of prayer and effort in the process of hiring teachers. I m sure it is not easy because since the priority is to keep tuition low I assume they don t pay much. The new teacher was amazing to the point that she told me she had been thinking of different ways to help my child in her spare time. I have learned to trust the administration and I now know that the effort they put into things is above any other school I have experienced. Every institution goes through ups downs and growing pains. The transparency of this school during good times and bad makes this institution different from all the others

  • (11 months ago)

    Being a part of organizations I have learned your opinion changes the more informed you are. On the surface organized institutions have it together and are run with efficiency. When stepping in deeper you begin to see flaws and errors. Most people stop there & don t ask for explanations. They make their opinion and move on. My child has been a part of TBTA before they could walk. They have now been there for 7 years. We were not members nor did we attend Trinity Baptist Temple when we made the decision to attend TBTA. We knew the people involved in the school (leaders & teachers). We knew their hearts and motives. Our goal was to raise our child up in the way of the Lord FIRST. Education is very important but this school can teach my child more valuable things public school WON T while focusing on and helping excel in education. When one stops at being almost involved you miss out on getting to know the human people who are doing everything they can for your child. One thing I am confident of the leadership of TBTA puts prayer in their decisions. The leadership and teachers put love and passion in all they do. This school is a ministry as it should be first and foremost.

  • (1 year ago)

    At first glance Trinity Baptist Temple Academy seems like a dream. Low tuition Christian education. Unfortunately what you find out later is that you are nickel and dimed all year while your children are taught by teachers without degrees. Turnover rates for teachers and students is alarming and family and church ties rule and reign removing the ability of a balanced playing field. The assistant principal lacks communication and interpersonal skills yet runs the school. Rules are enforced based on favor not the handbook. More parties movie days and pajama days are crammed into the short school year than ever thought possible. Disorganization runs rampant and programs and classes are canceled at random. Speaking to graduating seniors was eye opening. They felt unprepared for college and that their parents had wasted their money over the years sending them to this school. This seems to be a recent development over the past few years having spoken to families who are leaving the school after a long time. It's unfortunate but kids cannot get a good education and the experience of Christ's love at TBTA.

  • (1 year ago)

    TBTA offers a solid curriculum "Abeka Book" and is focused on teaching biblical principles to its students and tuition is low./affordable. Teachers do not hold degrees in education but are generally comprised of friends/family of its church. There has been a high turn over of teachers and students mid year and it has had a negative impact on our child's education .Our experience has been very frustrating dealing with administration and teachers. Questions and concerns about our child were rudely dismissed and left unresolved. We get the impression that the rules apply differently depending on wether or not you are a member of its church or denomination which is sad because the children really pick up on this and leaves them feeling dejected. There is no perfect school anywhere because nobody is perfect but this school just has too many issues to overcome.

  • (3 years ago)

    This is a wonderful school for my children. Right now my 8 year old attends. The teachers are wonderful! When my son is of age he will also attend. I give this school and it's staff and A+. Please keep doing what you do.

  • (3 years ago)

    Both of my children attend TBTA and have for two years. The academic education is top knotch with teachers that go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure each child succeeds. The small student - teacher ratio makes this a close-knit school! Most importantly the teachers and staff love and serve the Lord; they are at TBTA because of their relationship with God and obedience to Him. They extend that love to their students and partner with parents. It is not just a safe environment it is God's environment.

  • (3 years ago)

    My son is now entering 4th Grade at TBTA. I am so thankful he has been attending since PreK. He has received a strong foundation in reading English and math through the A Beka curriculum. Each year he test above level on his SAT's. That's academically; spiritually I'm beyond thankful to have found a school that is truly a "Christian" school - God centered. It is evident in the leadership of the staff and administration. The school is by no means perfect but it is evident they strive to seek God to lead their ministry and to honor Him. It is a little hidden treasure and I'm thankful God led us here!

  • (4 years ago)

    I have three children here. Studend to teacher rater is great - 11 or less. Academics good until high school. In science - only creationism taught. My son wants to be a scientist and is bored with the lack of experiments. Everything other subject is excellent. Be ware - when there are problems - the staff is not willing to confront and deal with it. There is hypocrisy in allowing teachers children to not abide by the rules. Christian teachings excellent - however if there are double standards - and there are - this does not undscore or solidify true Christian values.

  • (4 years ago)

    This is an Awesome Christian School!!! The teachers are excellent & the children love the school teachers & the curriculum!!! The schools mission is to train up a child with Gods Love!!! Kids learn the values of being a Christian!!! It is a structured environment with Love!!! It totally prepares our kids to live a spirit filled life!!! We love it here!!!

  • (5 years ago)

    I have had multiple friends leave unhappy with this school. All for different reasons. Be sure to always ask strong unapologetic questions when searching out a school for your children.

  • (6 years ago)

    Great School teacher student ratio is great Christian values are teach here Best school in the metroplex!

  • (6 years ago)

    My grandson attend TBTA and we couldn't be more pleased. He's improved in so many areas. We plan to keep him enrolled thru out his future school years. And... the teachers at TBTA are incredible! Their the absolute best! I'd reccomend TBTA to anyone that is truely interested and concerned for their childs education and moral upbringing!

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