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About This School

John M. Horner Junior High School is a public middle school in Fremont. The principal of John M. Horner Junior High School is Steve Musto, who can be contacted at 940 students attend John M. Horner Junior High School and identify primarily as Asian; Filipino; and Black, non-Hispanic. 11% of the John M. Horner Junior High School students have "limited English proficiency." 18% of the 940 students here get reduced lunch prices. The ratio of students to teachers at John M. Horner Junior High School is 23:1. Seneca Center is one of the nearest middle schools.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Arts

    • Band
    • Chorus
    • Computer arts
    • Dance
    • Drawing painting
    • Orchestra
    • Photography
    • Theater drama
  • Languages Taught

    • French
    • Latin
    • Spanish
  • Sports

    • Badminton
    • Basketball
    • Cheerleading
    • Football
    • P.E. classes
    • Soccer
    • Softball
    • Tennis
    • Track
    • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Volleyball
    • Wrestling

Student Ethnicities

Ethnicity School District
Asian 64% 49%
Filipino 5% 6%
Black, non-Hispanic 3% 4%
Unspecified 2% 4%
White, non-Hispanic 17% 21%
Hispanic 13% 15%
Multiracial 0.8% %
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.8% 32767%
Native American or Native Alaskan 0.6% 0.3%
Pacific Islander 0.3% 0.8%

Student Subgroups

Subgroup School District
Students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch program 18% 17%
Limited English proficiency 11% 18%

Community Rating & Reviews

  • (5 months ago)

    Great school with amazing staff. Electives department is awesome and I wish everyone in this school an awesome year!! ))))

  • (3 years ago)

    this school is awesome and always lends my child a helping hand i rate this school the best school in fremont and is a good school for any child that is having difficuties in school. It is also good for any child trying to expand their learning abilities

  • (3 years ago)

    My son attended Horner for only about half of the school year. However everyone was great to him and did a wonderful job. He loved the school and will miss it very much. In my limited experience with Horner I feel it is a great school with a very diverse population of both students and teachers. I had nothing but positive interactions with everyone there.

  • (4 years ago)

    Most teachers are very kind and generous. I like how Mr. Bailey keeps everything organized.

  • (4 years ago)

    I like the discipline of the school and the various porgrams offered. MUSIC deptt. is doing wonders!! Thanks to the Principal Vice Principal and staff and students for doing a fabulous job!

  • (4 years ago)

    Very good in teaching and caring the children. Efficient faculty in science maths history and english. Excellent physical education department. My child is doing very good and i can rate this school as the best school

  • (4 years ago)

    All the teachers are helpful nice and they connect with the students very well. ...yup! 3

  • (4 years ago)

    This school has an extensive Art and Music program for the students to chose from! All of the academics are exceptional and the teachers are consistent and well prepared.

  • (4 years ago)

    Amazing school with amazing teachers especially in art and music!

  • (4 years ago)

    This is a great school! my student absolutely loves it and the education is fantastic!

  • (4 years ago)

    Horner Jr. High school is a top-dog school. Starting from great teachers a handful of good classes comfortable surrounding great students and much more. It's amazing how everyone gets along

  • (4 years ago)

    Horner is made up of very good students as metioned from wiebel and warm springs but also some from hirsch P

  • (4 years ago)

    Horner Jr. High has been improved these years because the school district changed the attendance map few years ago by adding Weibel Elementary to Horner. Unfair? Yes but they don't care. The honer program is great for the Gate students who are mainly from either Weibel or Warm Springs Elementary. The music program especially the band is awesome. Agree with some other comments certain percentage of students are either lack of interests on academic performance or just don't know how to get help. This will not change if the school district has no budget to assist these kids.

  • (5 years ago)

    I am a former horner student and I must say it was a wonderful experience being there. I'm now a freshman at Irvington high school and Horner jh has prepared me well for the challenges of high school. The only parts I disliked were that some students were very rude and put down other students but that can be found in any other junior high so it's normal. Also a couple teachers are very unhelpful and should probably be fired. Other than that they have an excellent honors program and great electives. They also offer foreign languages which can give you high school credits. I've made great friends there and had a wonderful time and recommend the parents of elementary school students to send their children to horner.

  • (6 years ago)

    What I can tell from my son finishing up 7th grade is its a good school. The staff take care of problems quick. My son had some problems with some children but as I said they were quick to deal with problems that would come up. I had seen 1 on 1 with Teachers & Children & it seemed like they really cared. I'm glad I live where I can send my children to such a good school. The PTA there is great also this year. My child loved going to the school dances and having a boy I was a little shocked... lol

  • (8 years ago)

    Because of its location number of students/parents who are interested in education is very less. The CAT scores reflect that but the school is as good as anyother school. The teachers are as qualified as any other school teacher. The academic program is as good as any other schools program. The schools ratings reflect the kind of students who are attending the school but not the quality of school. Hope people can see beyond numbers.

  • (9 years ago)

    My son completed 7th grade and had an excellent year with the teachers staff and friends.

  • (9 years ago)

    The health isn't a concern with me for my daughter has told me the high standards and I am very comfortable with allowing my daughter to eat the school food. Horner has eliminated foods high in sugar and fat. The education standards are very high and my daughters teachers give essential amounts of homework and Horner provides multiple tutoring and homework sessions after school if a student is having difficulties with what she had learned during school.

  • (10 years ago)

    Wonderful school. Great parent involvement and well structured teachers who can control large class sizes and provide excellent academic instruction. The students are high spirited about their school. The ASB is well run with good programs and turnouts for school dances and events. The office staff is the best. Sandy Green is so approachable and helpful. The school is kept clean and well patrolled for safety. My daughter was challenged academically and loved going to her school and her grades reflected her feelings. We have moved to the east coast and the only thing we miss is Horner Jr High School. I feel it should be a role model school for all junior/middle schools accross the nation.

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