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Real Estate Agent Reviews in Greenville, NC

Agents are ordered using an algorithm that weighs different types of activity in the region, including reviews, sales in the last 12 months, and listings.

Reviews in Greenville

Agents are ordered using an algorithm that weighs different types of activity in the region, including reviews, sales in the last 12 months, and listings.

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Most Sales

In Greenville:

44 Local Reviews

92 Recent Sales

45 Listings

Tyre Realty Group, Inc

Review 11/17/2015:

"Jude and the other staff at Tyre Realty Group who were very helpful, resourceful,..."

In Greenville:

42 Local Reviews

78 Recent Sales

41 Listings

Berkshire Hathaway Prime Properties

Review 10/27/2015:

"Jamie has been a true professional and is extremely knowledgeable about the local ..."

In Greenville:

15 Local Reviews

80 Recent Sales

22 Listings

REMAX Preferred Realty

Review 10/16/2015:

"When issues came up during inspection Kevin worked with contractors to address those ..."

In Greenville:

10 Local Reviews

52 Recent Sales

24 Listings

United Real Estate East Carolina

Review 06/24/2015:

"Very professional and knowledgeable with the real estate market."

In Greenville:

5 Local Reviews

59 Recent Sales

7 Listings

Realty World- Lever & Russell

Review 03/02/2015:

"Caroline is incredibly knowledgable of local, state and federal real estate laws ..."

Bertha Pyne

(252) 321-9784


In Greenville:

No Reviews

45 Recent Sales

13 Listings

Selective Homes

No local reviews yet.

In Greenville:

11 Local Reviews

19 Recent Sales

13 Listings

The Overton Group LLC Pitt Co. &

Review 09/20/2015:

"I highly recommend her to any potential buyer or seller!"

In Greenville:

4 Local Reviews

31 Recent Sales

9 Listings

Realty World Lever & Russell

Review 10/31/2015:

"Felicia worked with me for several months to locate an appropriate property in Greenville ..."

In Greenville:

5 Local Reviews

26 Recent Sales

9 Listings

Aldridge & Southerland Realtors

Review 10/30/2015:

"When crunch time came within a week of closing and Due Diligence repairs were not ..."

In Greenville:

9 Local Reviews

21 Recent Sales

4 Listings

Keller Williams

Review 10/27/2015:

"She is very knowledgeable and efficient."

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