Contact Forwarding

What are contact forwarding rules, and how can I set them up?

Contact forwarding lets you set up rules on how to manage your contacts. Here is a sample of the rules that you can choose from:
  • Listing price: Depending on the price of the listing that a home shopper is inquiring about, choose to manage it yourself or forward it to a peer.
  • Vacation: Leaving on vacation? Send your contacts to a teammate who may be covering for you during your absence.
  • Time or day of week
  • Service area 

You can set up contact forwarding rules directly from the contacts section of your profile. Click on the “Forwarding Rules” button to get started. To create a new rule, click on "New Rule" button. Follow the steps to choose which contacts you'd like to forward. To edit rules, click on the rule name.

Contact Management is available across a variety of devices - from your desktop computer, from your tablet, or from your phone.  
Now you also use our iOS Real Estate or Android Real Estate apps to manage your contacts on the go!  Get push notifications to instantly alert you of new contacts and set up an auto-responder for quick and easy follow-up. Plus manage your listings, upload past sales and request client reviews – all from your mobile phone or tablet.  

Download the Zillow Real Estate App from iTunes or Google Play.