How to claim your listings

How to claim your listings

We provide the option to claim your listings for these scenarios:

1.  Your listings are matched to your profile using your email address. In the case of an e-mail mismatch on a listing provided by a feed provider you can claim your listing. See How to sync your listings to your Zillow profile for more detail.

2.  Two agents are co-listing a property and want to alternate who is showing as the listing agent on Zillow.

To claim a listing, locate the property on Zillow by searching using the home address, or search using price and location filters.  The listing will appear in the search results. Click on the hyperlinked address in the search results to open the home details page of the listing.  Now click on "more" then on "Claim this listing."

When an agent claims a listing, the current listing agent will be notified you are claiming the listing.  Check the box certifying you are the legal representative of the home and click "Claim listing."

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