How to move your home on the Zillow map

My home icon is mapped incorrectly. How can I fix this?

After you've claimed your home, go to the Edit menu. From the Edit menu, please select Move Home's Map Location. Next, select Edit Position. You can then move the home's map location by clicking and dragging the red house icon. You can also click and drag the map. You can zoom in or out depending on how far you have to move your home. Once you select the correct location you must zoom in to save these changes. Once you have zoomed in, please select Save Position. If you are not satisfied with your selection, please select Edit Position to move the home's map location again. If you are satisfied with the final location, select Continue and you're all set!

*Filtering option is not available if the property is attached to parcel

If you have not claimed your home you'll see this action:

If you have claimed your home you'll see the editing option: