How to add or edit an open house to your listing

How do I add or edit an open house to my listing?

To add an open house to Zillow, please first make sure you are logged in. Then, locate the Edit menu on the home details page. From this menu, please select Add/Edit Open House Dates. Please enter the date and time of your open house. Once you've entered this information, click on Continue. Once you refresh the page you'll see your open house information listed in the Home Facts column on the left-hand side of the page. An open house will be automatically removed from the listing once the date and time have passed. However, in the event you need to remove the open house, simply click on Add/Edit Open House Dates again from the Edit menu and select Remove Date.

If you are the listing agent for the home you'll see this action:

If you are the owner posting the home for sale you'll see this editing option: