Setting up: Select a domain

All Premier Agent Websites give you the ability to get a free domain name for the site or to use a domain name you already own. Providing your own domain name will give you an easy way to refer customers to your site. If you choose to create a domain name, you may take that domain name with you if you choose to discontinue the use of your Premier Agent Website.

Once you’ve clicked on the Domain/URL menu option or followed the “Go” link from the setup checklist, you can provide the domain you’d like to use. If you own this domain, simply indicate that and follow the instructions to request the transfer to your new site and host.

If you don’t own the domain, click “This is a New Domain,” and we will verify its availability. If it’s available, simply follow the steps to set up this domain. If it isn’t available, we’ll suggest some alternatives for you.

The next step in setting up your Premier Agent Website is setting up your IDX feed.

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