Setting up: Set up your IDX feed

If you are a Zillow Premier Agent Website user, you can add IDX listings from your MLS right into your site. If we do not already have your MLS IDX feed set up, you can request approval from your MLS to display the listings. Each MLS has its own process for approval, and a few may involve an extra fee, but our dedicated support team is available to help you through the process.

To start the IDX setup process, click on "IDX" on the left-hand menu of the ZillowPress Dashboard, or on the "Go" button on the setup checklist page.

  • Select the correct MLS from the drop-down list.

  • The next step depends on what your MLS requires:

    - Setup Form: Many MLSs require that you complete a setup form, which must then be signed by your broker.

    - Setup Fee: A few MLSs require that you pay an extra fee to access their data. If this is required, you will be redirected to to pay this fee before moving forward with the process.

    - Automatic Approval: Some MLSs only require that you provide your agent ID to proceed. Once they've validated that you are a registered agent in good standing, you will be able to receive the feed right away.

  • If you need to complete an MLS setup document, you will be able to complete that form and submit it online to your MLS. Almost all MLSs will also allow you or your broker to electronically sign and submit the form for faster turnaround. A few require that forms be submitted by fax or mail; we will notify you of what is required by the MLS you’ve chosen.

  • Our IDX support team will contact you via email or phone regarding the status of your request and will let you know if your MLS requires any additional steps to complete the process.

  • Once the MLS approves your request, our team will notify you that your MLS IDX feed is activated, and that you will have searchable listings available on your site.

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