How to manage your contacts

New! Now you use our iOS Real Estate or Android Real Estate apps to manage your contacts on the go!  Get push notifications to instantly alert you of new contacts and set up an auto-responder for quick and easy follow-up. Plus manage your listings, upload past sales and request client reviews – all from your mobile phone or tablet.  

Download the latest Zillow Real Estate Apps from iTunes or Google Play.  

Zillow's contact management tools and features will allow you to keep better track of the connections and contacts generated through your Zillow presence and participation. Some of the key features include:

  • Update the information of an existing contact, or add a new contact anytime
  • Quickly edit, reply, forward, archive, and add notes to contacts.
  • Mark contacts as favorites for fast and easy follow-up.
  • Search for a contact by name or by message content.
  • Use advanced search to access multiple contacts.
  • Keep track of contact communications.
  • Try the export feature for backing up contacts, or importing them into a customer relationship management system (CRM).
  • Mark a contact as spam, and we'll automatically put future communication from that person in the spam folder. 

Contact Management is available across a variety of devices - from your desktop computer, from your tablet, or from your phone.