Famous Scary Homes

Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and even twisted sisters Blanche and Jane Hudson have a knack for creeping us out. Whether it's Halloween or the middle of summer, it's high-time to relive those fears. Behold, our Famous Scary Homes. Also see our Famous TV Homes.

Nightmare on Elm Street House

Nightmare on Elm Street

If this house could talk it would scream of bloody nightmares, courtesy of Freddy Krueger, stalker and killer of terrified teenagers. Freddy uses his razor glove to attack while the kids are dead to the world, so to speak. Sweet dreams.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? House

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Talk about sibling rivalry. Blanche and Jane Hudson carry things to an extreme as Jane's sanity disintegrates in a decrepit L.A. mansion. Not only does she wear waaaay too much makeup, Jane's bad taste also leads her to serve her invalid sister a rat for dinner.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil House

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

The party never ends at this mansion where neighbors see ghostly revelers in the dead of night. Jim Williams murdered his partner here and the specter is still hanging around, possibly hoping for more hors d'oeuvres. And Jim? He died on the same spot as the man he murdered.

House on Haunted Hill House

House on Haunted Hill

A weird old guy (Vincent Price in the original) pays guests to stay one night in a haunted house, a place where ceilings drip blood, body parts lurk, and an organ freakily plays by itself. (And please - acid vats in the basement?) The campy movie's exterior shots were at the Frank Lloyd Wright "Ennis House."

Halloween House


Advice: Don't knock on the door of this house for treats. Babysitters find themselves confronting the white-masked, evil Michael Myers in the Wallace family's house, and never again enjoy any candy corn. Myers likes to strangle people, and though he gets stabbed in the eye with a clothes hanger, he refuses to die.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer House

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Even a vampire slayer needs a place to rest her head. The exterior shots of the house where Buffy beds down are traced to this palm-studded property in suburban Torrance, California. Down the street is Torrance High School, also known as Buffy and friends' Sunnydale school.

The Undead House

The Undead

A gnarled wood fence, a moat, and an overgrown yard encircle what looks to be a haunted gingerbread cottage. Sloping walls, a dilapidated roof, and slanted window shutters complete the spooky picture. Used in scenes from "The Undead" and early silent films, this "Witch's House" was built by a movie studio in the 1920s and was later moved to Beverly Hills, where it's now a private residence. Kiddies, you've been warned!

Michael Jackson's Thriller House

Michael Jackson's Thriller

In his legendary "Thriller" video, a zombified Michael Jackson and his ghoulish back-up dancers break into a dance number, then chase his date into this Victorian house. Which begs the question: Who knew zombies had rhythm?

Phantasm House


For the residents of this house, it's all tricks, no treats. They're stalked by the Tall Man, a terrifying mortician who kills his victims with flying silver balls fitted with blades and a brain-eviscerating drill. Oh, and his minions? They're former dead people he's turned into zombie dwarves.

Dead Again House

Dead Again

This reincarnation thriller proves that the past really can come back to haunt you. A modern-day P.I. and a woman with amnesia uncover the mystery of their previous lives, building up to a climactic ending in this Italianate tower.