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Zillow API Network Examples

Sample API Branding Partners

With the Zillow API Network, you can choose various pieces of data and information to present on your site. Zillow provides the "menu," and you can order as much or as little as you want. This flexibility enables you to customize content and format. The samples below show how some Members implemented the API according to their own needs, while following the Branding and Links Requirements.



Here is an example of a media site that offers users an easy way to get home valuations and comparative Zestimates.

Screenshot of the Yahoo.com page

IDXcentral.com — Real Estate Agent Example

This sample shows a model implementation for agents that meets all the requirements in a compelling way. Agents educate clients early on by providing online home valuations on their site, and then use the information as a way to start the conversation when the client is ready. Zestimates can be a great starting point with your clients.

Screenshot of the IDXcentral.com page


This implementation is a mash-up of eBay property listings and Zestimates. Zillow-powered home valuations are shown with the listings.

Screenshot of the Auctioncloud.com page


This is a smart integration of Zillow data with relevant ad content to boost revenue and enhance the user experience. This site also shows how Zillow home location data can be plotted using the Google Maps API.

Screenshot of the biggerpockets.com page