Home Valuation API

Why add Zillow's Zestimates to your site? 

Customers want valuations. Zillow receives billions of searches for home values each month. You can tap into that interest by using the API to put home valuation information on your Web site for free. Zillow has data on more than 110 million homes with Zestimates & Rent Zestimates on approximately 100 million.

Get customers, not filled-in forms

Stop creating Comparative Market Analyses for customers who have no intention of selling. Let Zillow's technology take care of them. YOu can include a call to action on your Web site, explaining that you are available to discuss the Zestimates displayed. Your site can display some of Zillow's most powerful data. These include a list of search results, Zestimate® home valuations, home valuation charts, Zestimates on comparable houses, and area market trend charts.

Get some or all of this functionality by following the Developer's Guides:

Please remember to use Zillow branding when using the API. Also, be sure to read the Terms of Use for the API's legal requirements.