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North Marion High School is a public high school in Hubbard. 577 children attend North Marion High School and identify primarily as White, non-Hispanic; Hispanic; and Native American or Native Alaskan. 63% of the 577 students here are paying reduced lunch prices. The student to teacher ratio at North Marion High School is 18:1. William P Lord High School is one of the nearest high schools.

Student Ethnicities

Ethnicity School District
White, non-Hispanic 59% 59%
Hispanic 36% 36%
Native American or Native Alaskan 2% 2%
Asian/Pacific Islander 2% 2%
Multiracial 2% %
Asian 0.9% %
Black, non-Hispanic 0.2% 0.5%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.2% %

Student Subgroups

Subgroup School District
Students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch program 63% 63%

Community Rating & Reviews

  • (1 year ago)

    I have had two children graduate from North Marion after attending for 12 years one in 2009 and the other in 2012. Both of them went on to 4 year universities. As with any school the success of a student has to do with their attitude and that of their parents. My children received a good education but did not have the opportunities of the larger schools in Portland. On the other hand they grew up in a very strong community that takes responsibility for each other they would not have that in a large district. The HS advanced math teacher is amazing and changed the way my kids think about math. She actually made calculus fun. The music dept. is also very strong under the leadership of a former music professor that really likes kids. N Marion offers the basics but doesn't have the size or resources to offer many extras. The current principal achieved an 'outstanding state rating' after just three years of leadership. She is one of the best things to happen to the HS in a long time. I choose to raise my kids in a rural community rather than in Portland Metro. I made the right decision and am proud of the women my kids grew into.

  • (3 years ago)

    I attended north marion and in no way was prepared for college. In fact most teachers let me slide because I was big into sports. After taking my placement test at a four year college I soon realized how much I didn't know. Math and Science fall far short of what students should know before attending college. I recommend if you want your kids to learn and are in the district.....MOVE Its worth your kids education.

  • (3 years ago)

    This school is bad. bad bad bad. dont move in the area it is just bad news. this school is an wonderful example of the problems in america.

  • (3 years ago)

    strong special education program to support students with special needs.

  • (3 years ago)

    My children have had the honor of attending N. marion for the last two years. We moved here from Las Vegas to give our kids a chance. I can only compare ourexperience to that. Since being at N. Marion our son has made a turn around I keep up communication with all of his teachers and have found them to be amazing at the HS MS IS schools. From a child that has always hated school and at times cried at having to go has signed up for a zero period. He was bullied and the next day police wereinvolved in comparison he has a knife pulled on him off campus the school did nothing even allowed the bully to be placed in the same class. I cant say anything about what used to be for N.marion but from what I can see the now its stil above average with heart

  • (4 years ago)

    I have to agree with other reviewer that said they look for the worst instead of the best in students most teachers and staff are very negative and try to squash the student spirit my child is special needs and the high school has no qualified staff to help these kids succeed they give conflicting rules and advice that leads to student failure this is the best school in our area so I would suggest no body buy a house in this entire area woodburn hubbard and surrounding areas

  • (4 years ago)

    Great primary K-2 and Intermediate 3-5 school. Terrific reading program. all schools are located on one campus.

  • (5 years ago)

    My son attends the middle school. Most of the teachers are wonderful caring individuals. However the administration is highly autocratic and is constantly looking for the worst in students. I feel sorry for the teachers having to put up with this 'us vs. them' mentality.

  • (5 years ago)

    My children have attended North Marion since pre-k and the school system is slowing making improvements to their school program over all. The primary school program is excellent and the reading program is outstanding. It has given my children a solid foundation in which to build the rest of their academic career. The math program has also improved. This is the first year the Middle school has introduced advanced math for 6th graders. More improvement in the High School is needed but we are definitely seeing improvements.

  • (6 years ago)

    As a former student of the k-12 North Marion system I can say that I agree with many comments about North Marion. I am four year graduate of a CA four year university and felt very unprepared for math and science when I got to college. I was an athlete in college on scholarship so I did make it through because of tutoring. I have very fond memories of sports and activities like Mayday and homecoming at North Marion. I recently attended Mayday at North Marion and was deeply saddened to see that in replacement of hand made dresses were dresses individually bought or recycled for the event crayon colored flyers and instead of classic skits skits that weren't thought out well or didnt make sense. I do not blame the kids. Lets all remember this Children are what WE as a community make of them.

  • (8 years ago)

    We have lived in this area for many years and I used to brag about how great our schools were and recommend that people move to our area for our wonderful teachers and principles. Things began to change drastically with the latest District leadership and the newer administrators at the High School hired. The High School has become a joke in the area. So sad!! We still have some wonderful teachers who have hung in there with little pay and much disrespect shown to them by the new leadership. There has become the expectation of arrogance and a mean spirit shown to the students and staff. Parents have tried to step up to help to no avail. The authoritarian leadership has run amuck!!

  • (8 years ago)

    I attended NMHS and while I felt I was well prepared for college classes others that I knew who entered math and science based fields felt they were at a disadvantage.

  • (8 years ago)

    North Marion is an extremely poor school in an extremely poor area. The administration's policies help to further stifle the minds of the students and promote a low standard of education. The students and staff have a high potential to succeed but will continue to suffer at the hands of the administration if affirmative action is not taken. To all prospective students run while you still can.

  • (10 years ago)

    I think that North Marion is an excellent school with great teachers that care a lot about their students. My family has gone to this school for two generations now and there is no way that we would have it any different.

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