Lender Reviews in Indianapolis, IN

The "Ratings" sort is based on an algorithm that balances the number and average rating of each professional's reviews.

Reviews in Indianapolis

The "Ratings" sort is based on an algorithm that balances the number and average rating of each professional's reviews.

Client review

Quicken Loans

(800) 442-2136

7161 total reviews (18 local)

Quicken Loans

NMLS #: 3030

Review 06/21/2015:

"They advised me what forms or information was needed, and that information was easily ..."

Tony Gregory

(317) 418-1022

71 total reviews (16 local)

Winterwood Mortgage of Indiana

NMLS #: 264201

Review 07/18/2015:

"I got very good response every time I contacted him he is very good at what he does."

Angie Turley

(317) 797-0615

52 total reviews (11 local)

Bailey & Wood Financial Group

NMLS #: 363066

Review 07/10/2015:

"Buying a house can be a very stressful time but these ladies know how to get things ..."

Josh Steele

(765) 808-0923

31 total reviews (11 local)

Hallmark Home Mortgage

NMLS #: 728736

Review 10/03/2015:

"Buying a home can be stressful but Josh definitely helped the process become easier."

Tyler Cartmel

(317) 578-3600

34 total reviews (11 local)

AnnieMac Home Mortgage

NMLS #: 7540

Review 06/29/2015:

"Please share them with all of your friends, family, and co-workers."

Karla Chevrie

(317) 524-5152

31 total reviews (10 local)

Elements Financial

NMLS #: 404630

Review 08/05/2015:

"She exudes patience and is certainly helpful with first time home buyers."

Brandon Kappes

(317) 713-9507

33 total reviews (7 local)

First Option Mortgage

NMLS #: 337405

Review 09/16/2014:

"We began with a 30 year mortgage, went to a 20 year one and then a 15 year one."

Jarad Vinup

(317) 713-9505

28 total reviews (7 local)

First Option Mortgage

NMLS #: 210527

Review 09/01/2015:

"I never had to chase down anyone for help and they always responded usually within ..."

Terry Shepard

(317) 339-0071

9 total reviews (6 local)

1st Signature Lending, LLC

NMLS #: 147345

Review 12/16/2014:

"I had no problems at closing or at any point in the process of purchasing my house."

Shane Feeney

(317) 633-0942

16 total reviews (5 local)

First Internet Bank

NMLS #: 443596

Review 04/04/2014:

"He was responsive, helpful, patient, and reliable throughout the entire home-buying ..."

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