Lender Reviews in Zip Code: 80631

The "Ratings" sort is based on an algorithm that balances the number and average rating of each professional's reviews.

Reviews in 80631

The "Ratings" sort is based on an algorithm that balances the number and average rating of each professional's reviews.

Client review

Sebonic Financial

(877) 721-6862

1619 total reviews (1 local)

Sebonic Financial

NMLS #: 66247

Review 09/09/2014:

"I was extremely satisfied with Sebonic / Cardinal Financial's professionalism...."

K2 Lending

(303) 952-0002

560 total reviews (1 local)

K2 Lending

NMLS #: 378510

Review 02/11/2015:

"I've refinanced several loans and this one, with the help of K2Lending, went ..."

Catherine Eusea

(970) 372-6939

23 total reviews (1 local)

The Eusea Team powered by FirstCal

NMLS #: 237244

Review 08/19/2014:

"They were very professional, friendly, understanding, and super helpful."

Nic Netherton

(970) 590-5021

22 total reviews (1 local)

Cornerstone Mortgage Company

NMLS #: 283250

Review 05/26/2008:

"He answered all my questions, told me what to do over the next year so that 12 months ..."

Scott Charpentier

(970) 484-5626

18 total reviews (1 local)

Fort Collins Mortgage

NMLS #: 172296

Review 09/11/2015:

"Great work/customer service helped refinance our primary home and rental property ..."

Scott Ellis

(970) 377-4904

13 total reviews (1 local)

Group Mortgage, LLC

NMLS #: 680236

Review 10/09/2014:

"I bet he has been the lender on at least 5-6 transactions for myself, friends and ..."

Steve LaForest

(970) 330-7202

7 total reviews (1 local)

First California Mortgage Company

NMLS #: 292178

Review 05/22/2015:

"Overall a very professional team."

Sherri Knott

(970) 541-0781

1 total review (1 local)

Bank Of Commerce Mortgage

NMLS #: 207667

Review 02/04/2013:

"She explains the process, communicates what is going on throughout the process and ..."

Simon Todd

(440) 926-6777

82 total reviews (1 local)

Crosscountry Mortgage, Inc.

NMLS #: 82096

Review 08/28/2013:

"He was very patient and thorough in his explanations and answers to my numerous ..."

Quicken Loans

(800) 442-2136

7160 total reviews (0 local)

Quicken Loans

NMLS #: 3030

No local reviews yet.

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