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Population: 294
Relationship Status
Demographics for Village Green, Sacramento, CA
Homes With Kids
Distribution of parents and children for Village Green, Sacramento, CA
Age Distribution
Age ranges in Village Green, Sacramento, CA
Commute Time
How long does it take to get to work in Village Green, Sacramento, CA
Village Green People Data
 Village GreenSacramentoNational
Median Household Income: $28,167$37,049$44,512
Single Males: 15.3%17.7%14.6%
Single Females: 17.0%15.7%12.5%
Median Age: 313436
Homes With Kids: 31.6%27.3%31.4%
Average Household Size:
Average Commute Time (Minutes): 272426
The main types of people are: What's this?
People who live in this neighborhood
  1. Wise Old Urbanites
    Older home-owning city dwellers in older buildings.

    Middle- to senior-age urban singles who are established in their work and living environment. Most own their own apartment or condo and tend to live in older buildings.

  2. One-income Metros
    Single-income families living in the city.

    Families with adults approaching middle age with one partner working and the other a stay-at-home parent. Mixed educational status with some having a high school education and some college.

  3. Unmarried With Children
    Urban single parents.

    These single parents are making ends meet with moderate income. Some went on to college, while others finished high school or lower. Most work in service, management, or professional occupations.

Source: Demographic information comes from data in the 2000 U.S. Census.

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