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Population: 3,300
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Demographics for Spring House, PA
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Spring House People Data
 Spring HouseNational
Median Household Income: - -$44,512
Single Males: - -14.6%
Single Females: - -12.5%
Median Age: - -36
Homes With Kids: - -31.4%
Average Household Size: - -2.6
Average Commute Time (Minutes): - -26
The main types of people are: What's this?
People who live in this neighborhood
  1. Single in the Suburbs
    Middle- to upper-income singles living in the suburbs.

    Singles ranging in age from 30s to 60s who earn a comfortable income. Some own their homes, and their careers range from management to service industry.

  2. Suburban Retirees
    Seniors over 65 who live in the suburbs.

    These seniors are living out their retirement years in suburbia. Most own their homes, and some have college degrees.

  3. Suburban Elite
    Suburban super-rich couples with children.

    Middle-aged married couples with a luxurious lifestyle in the suburbs. More than 15% have a family income of $200,000 or more. The majority have a college or graduate school degree, and most own their homes.

Source: Demographic information comes from data in the 2000 U.S. Census.

Homes for Sale
  1. 5 Hunters Run, Spring House, PA Home For Sale
    5 Hunters Run, Spring House, PA 19477

     For Sale: $649,900

    • Beds: 4
    • Sqft: 3448
    • Baths: 3.0
    • Lot: 14374
  2. 712 Johns Ln, Ambler, PA Home For Sale
    712 Johns Ln, Ambler, PA 19002

     For Sale: $419,900

    • Beds: 3
    • Sqft: 2120
    • Baths: 3.0
    • Lot: 30056
  3. 1017 Davis Rd, Lower Gwynedd, PA Home For Sale
    1017 Davis Rd, Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002

     For Sale: $1,300,000

    • Beds: 4
    • Sqft: 7666
    • Baths: 5.0
    • Lot: 59241