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Lender Reviews in Manchester, MO

The "Ratings" sort is based on an algorithm that balances the number and average rating of each professional's reviews.

Reviews in Manchester

The "Ratings" sort is based on an algorithm that balances the number and average rating of each professional's reviews.

Client review

Matt Scott

(314) 496-9506

112 total reviews (5 local)

F&B Financial Group

NMLS #: 240481

Review 04/17/2015:

"There were some surprises along the way when there shouldn't have been."

Chris Cooper

(314) 757-0878

41 total reviews (4 local)

MiMutual / 123 Mtg

NMLS #: 403454

Review 08/27/2014:

"He helped us secure an FHA Loan when all the odds seemed to be against us."

Victoria Wang

(314) 686-4630

13 total reviews (2 local)

Movement Mortgage

NMLS #: 406263

Review 08/21/2013:

"We totally trust her, and she made us worry free!"

Lisa McLaughlin

(314) 677-0460

7 total reviews (2 local)

LeaderOne Financial

NMLS #: 283185

Review 03/24/2014:

"She never lost patience with us or the process and was always honest, forthright ..."

Quicken Loans

(800) 442-2136

7184 total reviews (1 local)

Quicken Loans

NMLS #: 3030

Review 10/11/2014:

"Overall I would say that it was very good."


(800) 444-7283

311 total reviews (1 local)


NMLS #: 1018

Review 05/15/2012:

"In both instances GSF was extremely responsive and provided me with very accurate ..."

Blake Thorson

(314) 249-7764

105 total reviews (1 local)

USA Mortgage

NMLS #: 252651

Review 05/27/2014:

"Blake was great of explaining everything I needed to know in detail and I loved ..."

Sean Zalmanoff

(314) 361-9979

52 total reviews (1 local)

USA Mortgage

NMLS #: 239823

Review 10/09/2013:

"Sure enough Sean called that day and was able to get a pre-approval quick and easy."

Andy Ward

(314) 275-1432

47 total reviews (1 local)

Wintrust Mortgage

NMLS #: 603976

Review 04/09/2015:

"He went above and beyond to give us sound advice, was very responsive, and helped ..."

Brian Schrama

(636) 717-1900

22 total reviews (1 local)

Missouri Mortgage Clearing House

NMLS #: 324543

Review 04/14/2009:

"When I fist requested quotes here, I got a lot of e-mails back to fill out forms ..."

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