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Christ the Teacher Catholic School

2451 Frazer Road, Newark, DE 19702
(302) 838-8850

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Private Grades PK-8 626 students 19 students/teacher (DE avg is 15)

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Christ the Teacher Catholic School is a private middle school in Newark. The principal of Christ the Teacher Catholic School is Sister LaVerne King, R.S.M., whose e-mail is 626 students go to Christ the Teacher Catholic School and identify primarily as White, non-Hispanic; Asian/Pacific Islander; and Asian. The student to teacher ratio at Christ the Teacher Catholic School is 19:1. Caravel Academy is one of the nearest middle schools.

Extracurricular activities


  • Band
  • Ceramics sculpture
  • Chorus
  • Computer arts
  • Drawing painting
  • Orchestra
  • Theater drama

Languages Taught

  • Latin
  • Spanish


  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross country
  • Football
  • P.E. classes
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Track
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling

Student Ethnicities

Ethnicity School District
White, non-Hispanic 93% %
Asian/Pacific Islander 4% %
Asian 4% %
Native American or Native Alaskan 1% %
Hispanic 1% %
Black, non-Hispanic 0.9% %
Multiracial 0% %
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0% %

Community ratings & reviews

  • (7 months ago)

    CTTCS is a blue ribbon school that promotes academic excellence and Catholic values. My oldest graduated from CTTCS and she is doing well in high school. She and the second one are both into music and arts and they have been active in the art club school choir and stage productions. My third daughter is going to attend CTTCS this school year and she is excited. CTTCS is a Catholic school sponsored by 4 parishes so there is a waiting list for new students who don't have siblings already enrolled. It is family where teachers and administrators know your name and are truly concerned about your kids.

  • (1 year ago)

    Yes the school is safe. If you have any concerns about your child having ADD do not send them here. I have been asking for help for 3 years and I feel like they are just blowing me off. My child was diagnosed while already attending CTT. The principal makes the rules and there are no changing them. She is very matter of fact and quite rude if she doesn't agree with you. When I had a conversation with her It was hard to believe she is a Nun. The teachers know my child had ADD but won't make any accommodations. It puzzles me how the school is so giving with fund raisers for other people in need but when asked to help a very nice student they won't. I also know of a girl who has bullied to the point where the other girls won't let here sit at the girl table. Nothing done about that either. I use to see her sitting in the cafeteria crying but no one else seemed to notice. I have never asked the school/principal to bend any rules just help my child and they won't. Not even with a request from the Doctor. I like the rules and the education but overall the principal will smile in your face but not help a good child who needed just a little extra help.

  • (1 year ago)

    i'm an 8th grader at ctt and you could expect the usual "blah" because school is school but not from me. I love this school and every night when I go to bed I cry because I remember all of the faculty i'm not going to see again in a long time next year. all the ones I'm close to and have watched me grow.They are so loving. They care about every student (ignore the people below who LIED especially past 2012) come check the school out because no website can be proven factual but your eyes can tell you for themselves. Our principal is perfect and we have an awesome vice principal. And anyone can start anything like me and some friends started a book club. If you have a problem the student can go to so many different people.The only students I wouldn't recommend to this school are ones with big learning disabilities and behavioral probems but only major ones. We have four different math levels two ELA etc. for anyone's level of learning. yes the homework can be abundant at time but seriously just remember they are preparing you for your next year esp. high school.And for the bullying go to the guidance counselor!she WILL do something about it (tell her twice though.) helped?

  • (1 year ago)

    If you want your child to go to a school with great moral values and be around children who come from involved families who care about their children's education well-being and safety; CTT is for you. The handbook is online so parents know what is acceptable not acceptable and what the academic policies are prior to attending. Yes CTT has high academics but students are well prepared for high school. If your child wants to receive a great quality education and be in a class without students with discipline problems you will love CTT. I love the rules and I know what to expect so we have not had any issues. Our time at CTT has been wonderful.

  • (1 year ago)

    What to say about the school. It looks stunning and shows well from the tour. And if your child is right on the line education wise I guess it may be great. But if you have concerns for their progress (we are beginning to suspect our daughter may have ADD) do not expect any help. The guidance department blew us off completely. When we told the principal she was not returning next year and why our concerns were totally ignored. When we outright complained to the principal again we were dismissed and ignored. If you listen closely to the other parents as you want to pick up your child there are a lot of concerns that parents have but it seems many are hesitant to voice them. I know it is a private school but the my-way-or-the-highway attitude of the administration is rediculous. Please do not get me wrong I am not one of the people that thinks that since I am paying this tuition the rules should be altered for my child. We simply wanted a review of our child's development that her pediatrician requested so we can help her develop properly. I never thought I would say this in my life but you would be better off school choising your student to a highly reated plublic

  • (1 year ago)

    As a parent that sent one child here and had two nieces attend as well as friend's kids I saw a wide range of classroom staff and parent's interactions. One will note that there are a number of negative comments from parent's regarding the principal. My experience is that these reactions and I heard more than my fair share is when the rules wouldn't be bent for their kids. The ole "I am spending all this money on their education and this is what I want done". Yes the principal runs a tight ship which is what you want to for consistent standards in performance and behavior. Yes there is fair amount of homework but the kids are testing above their peers. Isn't that what you want? There are multiple resources available specialized reading & math assistance to high school level algebra class offered at the 8th grad level. There is a waiting list to get into most of the grades. And the cafeteria food is far better than the mystery meat that I recall. Its been awarded A National Blue Ribbon school (only 2 of each state are selected every year). If you want to dictate the terms of your kids education keep looking. If you want a proven track record look no further

  • (2 years ago)

    Awful place. Just awful. Sure the building and facility is great but underneath that is a rotten place. I was bullied for two entire years I would cry to my mother every night and every morning before i got out of the car. Students would call me names throw balls at me and drop things on my head. Where where the teachers? I have no idea! Every time I told them about this they would tell me to deal with it and continue on their way. Don't even consider this place unless your child is an accomplished bully.

  • (5 years ago)

    I currently have 2 children and a neice that attend this wonderful school. The curriculum prepares the students for the toughest of high school. The students consistently score 3+ grades above their grade level on Terra Nova tests. The teachers are of the highest quality. The sports teams are the best around. We are lucky and blessed to be part of this school.

  • (5 years ago)

    I currently go to CTT and I love it there!Every who I saw that commented on this school were mostly negative and wrong.Our principal is very nice but strict.I guess that's just a matter of opinion if being strict is good or not but to me its good.It keeps kids in order and makes kids better people.All the teachers are very nice.People are also wrong about not having classes for people who are not on averdge.In my grade there is 4 differnt math classes 2 different science classes and 3 different ILA classes and are like that for all the grades.Our school really is the best!

  • (5 years ago)

    After a couple of years at the school it is like anything else some great benefits and some concerns. It is a pretty tightly run ship which can be beneficial in some ways but unfortuntaley input from the teachers is discouraged and many of the great ones leave. It seems that the 'old-school' catholic way flourishes a bit here. The authoritarian style leadership where the principal frequently makes staff children and even parents feel dictated to could be softened. In the same regard we have been happy with the curriculum and feel that our children are protected and learning in a safe environment. Hopefully the principal will learn not to speak to parents like children and allow more input from her amazing teaching staff. Or she will retire. Should have kept the asst principal who helped soften her style and promoted enrichment for advanced students.

  • (5 years ago)

    Principal is authoritarian. It's her way or the highway. No services for kids needing extra help. No services for advanced students. Completely aimed at the average student. Average class size is 32 students per class with one teacher. Safety issues abound because of extremely large class sizes teachers have a hard time keeping track of students. Very little parent involvement because of principal's need for total control. Many excellent teachers have left here out of frustration. We pulled both of our kids out of this school and are much happier. Don't consider this school unless you have an average child and don't expect any individual attention.

  • (6 years ago)

    From what I see only parents are writing reviews & people aren't getting a students point of view. Well when I went to CTT I did recieve great education but I felt as though I was sheltered from the world and my actions were being dictated. Or some children were being penalized for something that ever other child was doing also. If you want your child to have a great education but be 'brained wahsed' (as some people say) then send your child to CTT.I was yelled at for the smallest things & even if i didn't do anything i was still penalized. From what I hear the rules have just increased & they are 'ridiculous'. When I graduated from CTT I said to my parents that I would only miss some people definitly not the place.

  • (6 years ago)

    Our first year at CTT and we are thrilled. I am surprised anyone would be disappointed with a school that provides a safe haven for faith-based education with an administration and staff that are intelligent caring and focused. I appreciate the structure provided by an active principal that encourages respect for rules and sacraments. Children and parents are respected and this fairly young school continues to actively develop additional programs for athletic and academic stimulation. My husband and I love the PowerSchool features and the communication through emails newsletters & message center. The teaching staff stimulates the children in creative challenging and thoughtful ways. My kids previously attended another catholic school in the Wilmington Diocese and both are very happy with CTT. Neither feel repressed or have expressed any issues with the school being too restrictive. CTT excels at the goals of a faith-based private school. Highly recommended.

  • (7 years ago)

    School newspapers student coucils social events for parents ? Get real. 'Swamp smells'. Do you mean the wetlands area a great on-hands science resources at the back of the parking lot but never does it smell. Homework load is fairly balanced. Kids walk the halls in quiet lines reflective of the discipline and awareness of surrounding classes being conducted. Watch the kids at lunch and reccess and you will see vibrant and animated students. As to less than mediocre teaching staff one only has to look at the Terra Nova Test Scores (see the school web page About-> Curriculum). Across the board students scores are 2 to 4 grade levels above the national average. This is reflective of the quality staffing special resources for both gifted and challenged students and a caring learning environment. Isn't this what we send our kids to achieve? Balanced learning with religion and social opportunities.

  • (7 years ago)

    Two of my three children attended Christ the Teacher. My middle child graduated in 2006 and my youngest is in the 5th grade. Our family has found that this is more than a school it is a community. The teachers are very dedicated to helping each child reach their goals. The school lacks for nothing. It provides all the academic subjects required plus a top notch religion curriculum a great music and art program a full time computer teacher a large library P.E./health and guidance. Each day starts with every student assembling for prayer and the pledge which the students then apply through many service projects either individually as a class or with their 'prayer buddies'. The school offers many activities such as band choir theater art club public speaking writers club math and science olympics scouts peer leadership as well as CYM sports. I can't imagine life without this school.

  • (7 years ago)

    This school has all the amenities of the perfect school beautiful building technology athletic fields but - there is no student council no youth activity council no real home and school association (no posted meeting) no student newspaper no school dances are allowed very limited social events for parents. It is run by a person who wants total control and the children faculty and famlies have no voice whatsoever. The board members remain every year. The ciriculumn is okay but unhappy zombie children have no real desire to learn

  • (8 years ago)

    A great school that emphasizes Christ like behavior. Staff is outstanding and there is excellent parental involvement. My children have attended this school since its inception and we couldn't be happier.

  • (8 years ago)

    When I visited this school of sorts I was very saddened due to the depressing countenance of the students roaming the halls in the classrooms and eating in the cafeteria. I was disgusted by the amount of homework the children had which was on the whiteboard in the classroom. The repulsing aroma of the 'swamp' at the school was horrible and unacceptable. I pondered for hours thinking 'How can these students stand it?' The school uniforms were what I'd consider to be...interesting. The teachers were less than mediocre in every imaginable way. The decor of the halls was puzzling one wonders why the faculty chose ducks as the motif. The chapel was a hovel of sadness and pain. Also the way they took care of an iguana turtle and small fish was appalling and brought tears to my eyes. I was impressed with the following few items ~gardening ~upkeep of brick ~aroma of cinnamon

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