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About This School

Valley Forge High School is a public high school in Parma Heights. The principal of Valley Forge High School is Mr. Janine M. Andrzejewski and can be contacted at 1,565 students attend Valley Forge High School and identify mostly as White, non-Hispanic; Black, non-Hispanic; and Hispanic. 25% of the 1,565 students here are classified as "economically disadvantaged", and 38% are paying reduced lunch prices. The ratio of students to teachers at Valley Forge High School is 18:1. Holy Name High School is one of the nearest high schools.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Arts

    • Band
    • Ceramics sculpture
    • Chorus
    • Computer arts
    • Dance
    • Drawing painting
    • Orchestra
    • Photography
    • Theater drama
    • Video film production
  • Languages Taught

    • French
    • German
    • Spanish
  • Sports

    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Cheerleading
    • Cross country
    • Football
    • Golf
    • P.E. classes
    • Rugby
    • Soccer
    • Softball
    • Swimming
    • Track
    • Volleyball
    • Wrestling

Student Ethnicities

Ethnicity School District
White, non-Hispanic 85% 85%
Black, non-Hispanic 5% 4%
Hispanic 5% 6%
Asian/Pacific Islander 3% 2%
Multiracial 3% 3%
Asian 2% 2%
Native American or Native Alaskan 0.07% 0.09%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0% %

Student Subgroups

Subgroup School District
Students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch program 38% 40%
Economically disadvantaged 25% 32%

Community Rating & Reviews

  • (9 months ago)

    Valley Forge High School in Parma OH is terrible at solving issues especially with BULLYING. From an experience with teachers and administration it's feels like no authority wants to be bothered or cares about the child being bullied. Shame that these are educators.

  • (1 year ago)

    Valley forge is not a school for most people. It is very biased on status and reputation fights happen and are encouraged by the students watching. Students regually smoke just outside the building and school bathrooms. Most teachers are good espeisally in the Career and vocational like wood tech and viscom. the subjet teachers have there good and bad teachers some can't explain the lesson some don't know anything BUT the lesson and some don't what they are talking about. This is not a school for you but if you are going here good luck stay strong and just get through high school.

  • (2 years ago)

    I graduated from VF in 1989 and I enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed the teachers as well as the rest of the staff. They tried very hard to make you feel welcomed and very concerned about your well being. Go out and get the community to pass that levy and explain to them that education is number 1 in that area. Keep the sports because they make the students independent. Way to go Patriots. Good Luck students and staff.

  • (4 years ago)

    I go to Valley Forge and I don't have a problem with anything there except the teachers. Some of them honestly do their job but others make no sense and when you ask them about something they've been talking about all class period they can't explain because they don't even know what they're talking about. And now that the levy is going to keep failing I'm afraid colleges aren't going to be impressed with my grades and progress because of how I have been taught at Valley Forge but I'm just a student there's not much I can do to change what we're being taught. Other teachers teach us things that aren't even in the curriculum but things that they view as important. I'm a sophomore and I have to take the OGTs this year and I might not have the info to get a goo grade on them.

  • (4 years ago)

    I've had 3 sons go through Valley Forge and I couldn't have been happier. They all had varied interests and strengths and were able to take classes accordingly. The extracurricular athletics AP Courses their Honors Program and the Vocational Courses are included. I never had a problem with staff or administration. My husband and I were able to participate in parent volunteer activities. I have no qualms about recommending Valley Forge High School or any other school in the PCSD.

  • (6 years ago)

    The administrative quality is low. Good teachers though.

  • (7 years ago)

    I highly disagree with opinions about how Valley Forge is lacking academically. I've had the advantage of having my child in 4 different schools districts in the state due to job moves and Valley Forge exceeded my expectations in a big way. This is the ONLY school that challenged my child academically and it's the ONLY school she brings homework home for.

  • (8 years ago)

    The quality of education offered at Valley Forge has been in a persistent state of decline over the past six years. This change in focus has had a direct impact on the decline in the educational ability of the school. Students are no longer presented with a wealth of knowledge and asked to apply critical thinking skills to express their thoughts and to delve deeper into subjects. Instead they are simply told to mindlessly memorize a set of information to pass the state proficiency exam without ever having a true understanding of what it is that they are learning. Drastic declines are not only visible within the school academic performance but also in its athletics as well. Current athletic director Tom Schreiber has impeded many of the schools athletic teams by 'selectively' losing paperwork distracting players and coaches from focusing on the sport and chasing away a lot of coaching talent.

  • (8 years ago)

    Soccer - they need to have consistency with coaching. My son played varsity soccer for four years and had 3 different coaches - starting from scratch year after year is hard on the players. Because one is a teacher does not mean he/she is fit for the job as head coach. Players having so much talent unable to use it because of the mish-mash rollercoaster ride of coaching staff. Academic programs overall are good and principal is a great fit for the school!

  • (9 years ago)

    Compatred to the other two high schools in the district Valley forge is the best choice.

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