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Real Estate Agent Reviews in Pittsburgh, PA

Agents are ordered using an algorithm that weighs different types of activity in the region, including reviews, sales in the last 12 months, and listings.

Reviews in Pittsburgh

Agents are ordered using an algorithm that weighs different types of activity in the region, including reviews, sales in the last 12 months, and listings.

Client review

In Pittsburgh:

76 Local Reviews

30 Recent Sales

11 Listings


Review 11/24/2015:

"One thing in particular we liked about working with him is that he will give you ..."

In Pittsburgh:

51 Local Reviews

33 Recent Sales

25 Listings

Howard Hanna Real Estate Services

Review 10/23/2015:

"In reviewing the homes for sale in my former neighborhood, many properties were ..."

In Pittsburgh:

27 Local Reviews

73 Recent Sales

11 Listings

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Review 10/18/2015:

"She is also very friendly and fun to work with."

In Pittsburgh:

17 Local Reviews

66 Recent Sales

18 Listings

RE/MAX Select Realty

Review 11/03/2015:

"Gina genuinely wants you to find a house that will be a good fit for you."

In Pittsburgh:

30 Local Reviews

50 Recent Sales

2 Listings

Keller Williams Realty

Review 10/02/2015:

"Keller Williams definitely has an asset in you and should be most grateful you are ..."

In Pittsburgh:

16 Local Reviews

53 Recent Sales

15 Listings

PPM Realty

Review 10/08/2015:

"Helpful and quick to respond to any questions."

In Pittsburgh:

34 Local Reviews

27 Recent Sales

8 Listings

Howard Hanna Fox Chapel

Review 11/02/2015:

"Never made us feel rushed with making a decision."

In Pittsburgh:

38 Local Reviews

19 Recent Sales

2 Listings

RE/MAX Realty Centre

Review 07/01/2015:

"At points in the process when he could have profited from my naivete, he took the ..."

In Pittsburgh:

25 Local Reviews

33 Recent Sales

11 Listings

Keller Williams Realty PA & FL

Review 09/29/2015:

"He showed me how to really look at the house, the roof, the walls, the construction,..."

In Pittsburgh:

21 Local Reviews

41 Recent Sales

5 Listings

Northwood Realty Services

Review 10/20/2015:

"A home has never had an issue closing financially when Rick is involved, and banks ..."

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