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Elite Childrens Academy

23253 West Renwick Road, Plainfield, IL 60544
(815) 254-4911

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Private Grades PK-2 93 students 6 students/teacher (IL avg is 17)

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Elite Childrens Academy is a private elementary school in Plainfield. The principal of Elite Childrens Academy is Alice S Mcnulty. 93 students go to Elite Childrens Academy and identify as Asian; White, non-Hispanic; and Hispanic. The student to teacher ratio at Elite Childrens Academy is 6:1. Central Elementary School is one of the nearest elementary schools.

Student Ethnicities

Ethnicity School District
Asian 8% %
White, non-Hispanic 67% %
Hispanic 22% %
Black, non-Hispanic 11% %
Native American or Native Alaskan 0% %
Asian/Pacific Islander 0% %
Multiracial 0% %
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0% %

Community ratings & reviews

  • (8 months ago)

    I cannot earn enough people about this place. AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS! While the teachers all have the best intentions and really care for the children the management does not. It's all about the money and they treat their staff just as poorly as the children. The "curriculum" even for INFANTS has unrealistic expectations for children so young. The teachers are not given much freedom in lesson planning or planning activities. The food is the usual government subsidizes soy loaded GMO loaded canned foods and sugary juices full of artificial ingredients. And if you want to send your child's own lunch? Ha! Good luck with that! Everything is run military style with little to no freedom for kids to be kids. So if you want to raise little "patriots" that do as their told without question and run as robots all day this is the place to go. But if you want your kids to be freethinking kids that can express their creativity go elsewhere.

  • (10 months ago)

    As a parent of three children who have all been "raised" by Alice McNulty and the entire Sears family throughout the academy system I was shocked to read the most recent posts about Elite Academy. While I can't begin to imagine what caused this parent to become to so enraged so unhappy...I have to share the age-old-adage of "you just can't please everyone" as a way of explaining his/her feedback. Elite Academy is simply beautiful. The grounds are warm and inviting...the staff competent and caring. While I never personally tasted the food my three children absolutely loved going there and never once complained about anything. They learned about the importance of respecting one another demonstrating good manners treating others with kindness and so many other of life's great lessons. It is said that it takes a community to raise a child...I could not have asked for a more loving "community" in which to raise my beautiful children. Thank you Mrs. McNulty. You will always be a person our family treasures.

  • (1 year ago)

    Their recruiting practices are horrible. This man (I'm assuming he's the owners husband) in a blue van drives around harassing people. I've told him time and time again to leave me alone I'm not interested in their school. He's walked up to my window on three different occasions. This 4th time he tried to follow me into my gated community but the guard wouldn't let him through. They later told me that this guy named Vince (in a blue van) wanted to give me more information about the school. I never requested any information about this place! He's creepy and needs to stop.

  • (1 year ago)

    If I could give no stars I would!! This is THE WORST "school" (if you could call it that) to ever bring a child too. If you want your child to be neglected slammed down on the ground fed poorly and to NOT learn the proper materials for their age then this is the school for you! The owner is cold hearted and only in this for the money her "teachers" are people with backgrounds in retail NOT teaching!! If you have a problem and need to contact the owner GOOD LUCK! The wicked witch is always in a meeting hmmm if I owner a day care under CPS's close watch due to ALLL these complaints I'd be in "meetings" all the time too. Although I know she isn't!! It's hard to believe such a terrible torcher chamber still is up and running!! I do have faith this operation will be shut down in the near future! DONT SEND YOUR CHILDREN HERE!!!! Run for the hills!

  • (1 year ago)

    Do not send your child here. The food is disgusting the children do the same boring thing everyday not to mention the owner is never around. When she does show up she is not helpful. They do not provide hot child with a stable caring environment. Their ratios are off count and they have too many children and not enought staff. Some of the staff members are know to yell at children force them to sing and dance and go outside in 90 degree weather with no water activities. The owner is mean and cruel. Do not send your children there I can not stress this enough.

  • (1 year ago)

    I feel so blessed to have found the perfect place for my children while I am at work. They say there is no place like home but it doesn't get any better than Elite Children's Academy. The teachers and the rest of the staff are so kind and caring. My children are learning so many new things everyday. They come home with their beautiful works of art and new songs that they love to sing. They are so excited to tell me about the new friends they have met and the fun that they have in school each day. The school has special days with pony rides apple picking and special visits from the fire department. Elite Children's Academy is everything you could ever want or need in a school and more. I want to say thank you to all of the staff at Elite Children's Academy for taking such wonderful care of my children and giving me the peace of mind while I am at work knowing they are safe and happy while learning at school. - A truly blessed and grateful mom )

  • (1 year ago)

    I have heard so many great things about this school. I plan to enroll my daughters for the summer camp. It is fabulous and I encourage all parents to check it out! Rates are great as well.

  • (1 year ago)

    My child has been going to Elite since she/he was 8 wks old. For the most part the teachers and staff there are great. My child is learning and developing well there. My child loves it there. If he/she didn't we would of looked for other child care some time ago. Like another viewer stated Mrs. McNulty is never there and Mrs. G tells you what you want to hear. My biggest complaint is communication. I feel as a parent I have a right to know what my child's schedule is and what he/she is doing. I am trying to get him/her ready for school. I can't confirm if he/she has transpertation to her/his school and Mrs. McNulty is convientently not back till the day before school. Who leaves on vacation the 2 weeks before school starts and doesn't come back till the day before? She has no consideration for partents and their schedules. We entrust our children in her school's care. We deserve respect or at least communication. It is very frustrating.

  • (2 years ago)

    Excellent staff. My grandson loves this place. there is a huge backyard. We had him in another school and was not happy. He seems to enjoys this place so much and now is learning so much stuff every day.

  • (3 years ago)

    My son has attended Mary Sears in Manteno since he was three years old. He is now five and not once have I ever had a complaint about this school. The staff is so professional and everyone is so nice! I decided on Mary Sears after a few friends told me they had their kids there and were very pleased with them. I had checked out a lot of other schools for my son but nothing compared to Mary Sears. They do so many fun things with the kids and my son loves the summer camp! From swimming to pony rides going apple picking musicals and much more I would recommend this school to every parent. Thank you Mary Sears for everything you have done over the years for us! I love you guys!

  • (3 years ago)

    As life-longer learners ourselves we were initially drawn to Mary Sears reputation of maintaining a strong comprehensive curriculum. We quickly came to recognize that the school had much more to offer A focus on being and thinking positive respecting each other and learning responsibility. Each day we were greeted with a smile from the school directors Mrs. Keuter or Mr. Patrick and our children would run into their classrooms to begin the day. The kindergarten program exceeded my expectations from the curriculum to the in-class projects parties and numerous field trips. The preschool program was equally impressive and included audio visual and tactile learning elements for early language math and science. All of the teachers have been patient polite warm-hearted and extremely accessible. Both of our children have grown intellectually and socially as students at the Manteno MSCA and we are proud to be a part of the Mary Sears family.

  • (3 years ago)

    My name is Catherine; my two children have been attending Mary Sears since they were infants. My son is now a kindergarten graduate and can read write and is also bilingual. He can speak Spanish and is very advanced in math also. He knows what the word respect means and has great manners due to the combined efforts of the staff at Mary Sears and myself. He is well rounded advanced and a respectful little boy! As for my daughter she is 4 years old and is also very advanced for her age. She speaks Spanish shows respect and has good manners due to the efforts of the staff at Mary Sears and myself. The possibilities are endless. I am confident that I made the best decision sending them to Mary Sears for their early education. The school is filled with positive staff member and also very helpful. If I had to do this all over again I would sign them up to attend Mary Sears all over again.

  • (3 years ago)

    Mary Sears has been a very positive experience for my 3 year old. Being an only child he has learned to cultivate and nourish friendships but most importantly he consistently shows improvement in early childhood development such as mental and physical capabilities. There are other daycare facilities in the area however I strongly believe the addition of the classroom setting is the difference that Mary Sears brings to the table. ----Mrs. Jordan

  • (3 years ago)

    My 2 year old daughter has been attending Mary Sears in Mantino since she was 14 weeks old. I am amazed at how much she has learned and how social she is. She started counting in spanish one day out of the blue and she has so many little friends. The teachers are all wonderful with the children and give great feedback. I also like the fact that there is no television watching during the day. The children are always doing projects or reading stories or having "dance parties" according to my daughter. As a first time mom it was so hard leaving my baby and going back to work but knowing she is in a safe place where her needs are being met and she is having fun makes the process so much easier!

  • (3 years ago)

    Both of our sons have been going to Mary Sears Children s Academy since they were babies and we could not ask for a better school. It s a place where you can drop your Child off and literally not worry about them. The care is top notch and the respect they have for you and your children is outstanding. The program is structured very well and our boys love coming here. My 9 yr old met his Best friend here and still keep in touch even though they now go to different schools. Both him & his best friend attend Summer Camp every year and really enjoy it. Our 5 year old looks forward to going to pre-school every day and will also be attending Kindergarten at Mary Sears in the Fall which by the way is an excellent program.

  • (3 years ago)

    I find it telling that former Elite staff speak so poorly of Elite. As a former parent of a student of @ 3 weeks I can affirm that these staff reviews are 100 percent correct. I found the owner cold unapproachable and rude. It also seemed odd that her husband was aimlessly wandering around. Thankfully my child was intelligent enough to verbalize how poorly she/he was being treated. That needless to say was her/his last day. Despite all of the awful things I can list about my child's unfortunate 3 week experience I need to thank Elite. That horrible experience helped us find a fabulous new school. My child is being challenged academically daily. Each day I receive a detailed report and a folder of actual age appropriate work rather than a poorly copied teeny square of paper saying "what a great day she/he had" and a sloppy worksheet. Thank you Elite for leading my child to a better school with caring staff and a fabulous education!!

  • (4 years ago)

    My daughter has been with Elite Academy for roughly 4 years. For the past 3 years I have to say I was fairly satisfied with it and my daughter was happy their for the most part. Ever since Mrs. L left I believe that this place has gone down alot. Overall I think the teachers there do a GREAT job but the overall culture appears to have regressed alot lately. The director is a text book defintion of an "absentee landlord". She is never there and they talk about doing things such as parent/teacher conferences. that is a joke. They may do it in the earlier years but forget about it when they get older (3-5). The new lady up front (Mrs. P) I feel is nothing but a YES-man and does whatever the director wants (has the personal touch of jail warden). The school is run more like a business than a daycare or school setting. My recommendation as a caring parent is to look around and read the reviews especailly from past teachers (you will be surprised - I know I sure was). Cheapest is not always the best and you get what you pay for.

  • (5 years ago)

    I have been a parent at Elite Children's Academy for the past 7 years. My 7 year old started as an infant and graduated from their kindergarten program. She is in first grade and is excelling in all subjects. She had an excellent nurturing and academic learning experience at Elite. She loves going to Elite on her days off and is looking forward to Summer Camp 2010. I also have an infant presently attending Elite. She loves all her infant friends is engaged in all activities. The teachers at Elite are enthusiastic very nurturing and loving to the children. Elite has many excellent learning programs and offers many extra activities for the children. Pony rides apple-picking Fire-Safety Events and a huge playground. The school is on two acres. All the children can be outside at the same time. There is equipment for all the different ages. I would highly recommend this school.

  • (7 years ago)

    My 2nd daughter went to this school for Pre-school and loved every minute of it (dispite some seperation anxiety at first (bad experience some where else)) as a mother of four I felt very comfortable with this school. My kids are very shy and the staff always made my daughter feel like she was important and happy that she was there. I highly recommend Elite Childrens Academy.

  • (7 years ago)

    My child has continously been hit by other students. The Director is never there and I am not getting any answers as to what discpline is being taken to the children acting out. I think they have great teachers- I think the management is the problem

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