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My Zestimate is way, way off!!!

I know it is just an estimate, and there is a margin of error. But compared to my street it is way off and it has declined a lot more than the rest of my street. And yes, there is not a lot of variation in upgrades,etc.I know you can update thru "my estimate"...but I am talking about the zestimate has gone awry on my house. How can I contact someone at zillow to atleast get them to review the facts.

With the updating around Morse and High, such as Graceland, is this a good area to buy a house?


I just saw this post, sorry for the late response. We moved to this area Oct 2008. It is more than everything we thought it would be.We are amazed by how many things we can walk to and even more we can bike to, there is very little we travel more than a mile for. We probably know a couple dozen neighbours and probably a dozen of them quite well - the community spirit is very alive.I dont think Cville has been very effected by the housing downturn, all but one house on the street sold [the one across from us in 4 days].Crime wise, I have not heard of any incidents on our street, but that is not a comprehensive answer. From reading the community paper, crime in Cville seems to be small theft, vandalism and some burglary. The heavy pockets seem to the area NW of graceland plaza, the border area to university and occasionally Indianola. I may sound like I am biased, and that is because I am. Hope this helps.