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33rd Company® is a CRMC® Certified Management Company that has been providing asset management services since 1993. We manage privately owned residential properties and have expanded our line of services to include full service Residential Property Management, Licensed Real Estate Brokerage, and Real Estate Consulting Services.

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02/06/2015 - bremerdc
Property managed a home I own. Pleasant Hill, MO

33rd Company took over management of my duplex from another company. The difference (and improvement) in courtesy, response time and fairness was noticeable immediately. The staff are very professional and really seem to take pride in their reputation. I would suggest their services to any of my friends and colleagues.  More Less 

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02/04/2015 - joealessi9036
Property managed a home I own. Eden Prairie, MN

Excellent property management services. They are quick to respond, and more importantly they know what they are talking about. Sometimes real estate can be down right complicated, especially if in regard to leasing a home to other people - scary. But they put in good tenants every time - whew! It was nice to know that companies actually try to help people in today's day and age, instead of just looking for a fee.

I was also impressed with their maintenance people. They opened work orders, and sent vendors, and I was always able to track what was going on because it was available on the portal - so you can see the people and activities, and cost of the maintenance - so this was nice.

My realtor really didn't know much about renting out a home - so that is why I went with a property management company. What a difference.
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10/21/2014 - rogeracton1927
Property managed a home I own.

33rd Company has managed my former home in Bloomington, MN as a rental property for the past 6 years. During that time they have recruited excellent tenants, collected rents, dealt with Govt. regulations and maintained the property, all to my complete satisfaction. I am retired & spend 5 or 6 months of each year in MN & the balance of my time in AZ. The services provided by 33rd Company have allowed me to treat my former home as an investment without the concerns and worries I would shoulder as a landlord. In any business relationship differences are bound to arise. I am happy to state that not a single issue has arisen that has not been resolved through open communication and / or simple negotiation. What more could one expect?  More Less 

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