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First time home buyer what are the first steps we need to take in order to get our first house?


I agree with Paige, a "GOOD AGENT" does what is best for her client because she knows the reward is not only the sale and referrals afterward, but the good feeling of knowing she help someone fulfill their dreams.  All parts of the Real estate industry have the "good ones" and the "not so good ones" including my area, Home Inspectors.  I have notice the Realtor's®  I work with repeatedly are not looking for the quick and easy sale, but a beneficial sale, the one that builds a good reputation while building their income. That does not mean quick and easy doesn't make money, they do and some them lots of money. But I rather lay my head on the pillow at night knowing I did the most through and honest job that I could. So start out by finding a Realtor® you can trust and not by how well they advertise but how they perform. The best way to start is to interview your friends and family about their experiences with Realtors®.  With that list, interview the ones that performed well. Choose the one who can advise you through it all and that you feel comfortable being around.  The home buying process may be a long process so feeling comfortable with your agent is important because you may spend a lot of time together.