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- Will never recommend
12/22/2013 - yellowblackcobalt07
Did not respond to my inquiry.
I emailed Mr. Purcell about a month ago twice. I have still yet to receive anything back. So I called his office phone number that was provided here, I listened to him say "your call is very important to me", "I will get back to you within 24 business hours", and left him a voice mail with my contact information. It has now been 2 weeks a total of 80 business hours and I have gotten no response. I have tried calling the office two other times and my call went straight to his voice mail. I would still be interested in a response and I would change this review around some.
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- Will never recommend
11/07/2013 - mcgruffhvr
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in North Zanesville, South Zanesville, OH 43701
I called Mr. Purcell to ask if he was participating in the FHA Back to work program.... He assured me he was! The min credit score was 500 after he ran my credit, he requested a 640 score "mine was 639" My wife and I discussed it over and decided Mr. Purcell was a little uh "misleading"? I did e-mail him about my concerns and I'm shocked, ha,ha to have never heard from him again!! Seems like predatory lending to me!
Response from 50 State Lender on 11/13/2013
Mr. Boyd, Thank you for your feedback. I understand you believe that the Back to Work program should include all borrowers down to a 500 FICO score, however this is not the case and was clearly relayed to you prior to submitting your loan application. We need to have at least a 640 score for this program as this is what our investors request. For other FHA and VA programs, I can lend with as low as a 530 score. Also, when you had expressed your concerns to me, indicating you read somewhere online that the program allows for a 500 FICO score, I responded to your email within 20 minutes, letting you know that this is just not the case. To say you did not hear from me again is just not true. I have been doing straightforward, honest lending for almost 10 years now. I have successfully closed clients through the new FHA Back to Work program. I wish you all the best.


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