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Need advice for using FHA loan with HUD home


Know is very difficult to close on a HUD home. ( 203k FHA loan requires that you have a certain amount of your own money available for the repair portion of your purchase(not all of the repair portion of the loan is available to you and you must hire a bona-fide contractor to finish all . 203k loans are difficult as well. )Also make sure that your REALTOR is experienced and has closed recently a HUD Home with a loan like you are seeking.Good Luck!James Callas REALTOR

How can I more accurately determine my offer price on a bank owned foreclosure.


You can precede as follows:Secure a knowledgeable REALTOR in area where the house is located.Have that REALTOR run the comparables (the houses near yours and sold in the last six months (3 months sold) even better.Now compare those to yours.Next you need a qualified full time contractor to give you a written bid to fix all defects in the property you are considering.Now you have a much better idea of what it is worth.Don't forget to allow for some profit since you are going to all this trouble getting this one ready, when you could purchase one ready to go.Good Luck!James Callas REALTOR 

Pricing History


Hey I would like to know that one too...........I have a recent buyer who was complaining about the low value for a house he just purchased.Most all of Zillow is public record reporting.Good Luck!James Callas REALTOR

VA home loan and 30 days

Best Answer

If your loan is not approved most of the time that is an out for you and your earnest should be returned to you.Contact some other lenders and if possible those that specialize in VA Lending.VA is a very favorable way to go.Also see if your state has some benefits for veterans.Talk to your agent (a buyers agent should be representing you and your interest)Good Luck!James Callas REALTOR

how do I cancel a listing


Contact the listing agent and tell them you have decided to cancel the listing. Some agents are very agreeable and others are not. It depends on how much they have invested in time and money getting your home on the market.It can be simple, but if they have shown your property you might need to have a valid reason for canceling. It is a contract between you and the listing broker / agent.Good Luck!!!James Callas - REALTOR

Advice on renting out my home


Owner Occupant RulesThe FHA property ownership guidelines require a home buyer financing with an FHA loan to occupy the home within 60 days of signing the loan documents. The home must be the borrower's principal residence, which the FHA guidelines define as the owner living in the home for the majority of the year. The home must remain the borrower's primary residence for at least one year after an FHA loan is funded. After the one-year period, an FHA-financed home could be rented out instead of used as a primary residence.Assuming this is an FHA.Good Luck !James Callas BrokerREALTOR

ARM or Fixed Rate?


Fixed rate seems your best course best on the information given.You know what it is the entire term. That will be easiest to manage.Good Luck!James Callas - REALTOR