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Veronica Gonzales wrote:

is there any way to see how many views a property has had?

Thank you!  I get the reports and have forwarded them on but I needed to fill in the report to Relo about "# of unique property views" per website that it is marketed on....yeah right!  I will select a few of many and report on those but I wasnt sure where to find the number of views.  Thanks for you help:)V
March 10 2011

debt to income

Hi Leigh,both of my colleagues below have provided you with good advise and my adivce to you is, DONT GIVE UP!!! There may be some very specific things that you can do to improve your situation and achieve your goals of home ownership.  I know the best of the best in the mortgage industry and although most will be held to the VA's strict guidelines, not all will offer you the advice that is in your best interest.  Email or call me if you are interested in shopping your mortgage business and are interested in obtaining their contact information....Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business!Respectfully,Veronica Gonzales[Contact information deleted by Zillow Moderator]  
February 23 2011