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have 1880 victorian & mother in laws home...??? Value ???


I agree that getting an appraisal up front is a very good idea; however, the appraiser will make a big difference too. Get the best local appraiser you can find that does a lot of appraisals in the area. Don't just pick any appraiser.

How do I choose a listing agent? I really like many of them but I need the one who will do the best


I'm always amazed at the questions that sellers looking to list do not ask the agents, such as the following:1. How long have you been selling real estate?2. Is real estate your main occupation, i.e. do you sell full time?3. How much have you sold the last 2 years.4. Where will you be advertising my home?5. What MLS systems will it be included in? 6. Can you provide me a Comparative Market Analysis? These are basic questions that most sellers never ask the agents; therefore, they end up with new agents that have never sold a home, and are wondering why their home has not sold.