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How long should we plan on placing our current house up for sale?


Have your Local Realtor check the average days on market and price your home to sell from day 1, if you over price it you will loose alot of your audience and your home will sit on the market. Better to sell sooner and not have two payments (your current one and your new home).Lots of luck to you!

Finding a lender.


I would suggest getting ahold of a local Realtor in your area and ask them if they know of a lender who can help you.  I work with three or four different lenders and they all have their own specialty.   Some are FHA specialists (3.5% down), conventional loans, mortgage brokers (who can usually find any kind of loan).

Agent commission and closing costs.


The bank will pay the agents commission on a foreclosure purchase.  Sometimes the buyer can ask for the bank to give them up to 3% towards their closing costs and the banks have been good about agreeing to the request.