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would like to sell my home as is ???????


Any home will sell for the right price. Contact your your friendly neighborhood real estate agent. They will definitely be able to help you.

  (0) keeps lowering the value of my house.I don't believe it is very accurate. I want to know


Zillow's "zestimates" are a great tool but they are at best a very rough estimate. If you want a true estimate of your home's value, it is best to speak with a human being. Most agents are more than happy to whip up a CMA (comparative market analysis). We can more accurately gauge a home's value. Also know that home pricing is not an exact science. Some homes sell for more than market value depending on the circumstances in the sale. Some homes sell for less than market value as well. A good agent should give you a range of prices and let you, the seller, decide what price to set for home. What if you have a mortgage that exceeds the fair market value of your home? What if you have a specific margin of profit you must have in order to purchase your next home and that is not possible unless you get more than fair market value? These would be questions to ask yourself when considering a list price on the high end of your fair market range of value. Hope that your local agents find a buyer who will adore your home and is willing to pay what you need for your home. On the flip side, maybe you need to sell quickly. What if you're moving out of state or you've got an accepted offer contingent on the sale of your home? These would be questions to ask yourself when you might consider listing your home on the low end of the fair market range of value.Pricing is a tricky question and that is all the more reason you should seek help from your friendly neighborhood real estate agent.

How does willow work? Can a person sell their house by owner? If so, what is the process?


You can always try to sell your home yourself, but history shows that sellers who work with a reliable licensed agent come out better in the long run. Selling your home is a numbers game. You need to get maximum exposure in the market. That means posting your home on the MLS, making contacting with other agents who have potential buyers for your home, advertising to those buyers who may night yet have an agent, the list goes on. Also, the steep learning curve for someone trying to sell a home for the first time is tremendous. If you feel up to the daunting challenge, then I salute you and wish you the best of luck, but if I were in your shoes, I would find an agent. You will be far happier in the end, I guarantee it!