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Should i trust my agent?


Condo was priced for 105.000 (i priced it already below because want to sell it fast...Sounds like you know the fair market value of your Condo... tell your agent to counter to the price point you want. If you have done your due diligent and know that condos that are similar are selling for no less then 110K. Stick to your guns.

Big Banks & Short Sales??


Short sales can be hard, but the banks are not going to give the property away, lets not add to the paper work with offers that are way under fair market value. That being said do a good BPO as an agent and get a fair market value on an offer and the deal gets done.As an agent I get more frustrate when my buyers see a short sale on line that is listed 50K under market and they want to see the house. I have to educate them as to what the real value is and what the bank will take... to get the deal done.Sorry for venting :)

Selling A Home


1) Should I start the sell process now, not knowing of the property I am moving to yet?You may have to sale and then rent... while you find your new place.2) If I do start the selling process now and let say I do know the property I am moving to, does anyone know if during the selling process is it common to set a future move out date as much as 3 months in the future? If not, is it common to ask the new buy to rent it out back to us for the duration until we fully move into the new home?Not knowing the terms of your sale and where you are moving to it's hard to advise on firm dates without more info.3) Usually what cost am I expected to incur during the selling process and how do find a good agent to help us with the selling?Have your realtor do a net sheet for you.. and interview a few agents...4) How accurate is using Zestimate as a selling value? It's not.

What if a buyers agent wants to show customer my FSBO home?


You can add a note in your zillow listing stating you work with Buyer agents or not. That should help you with the calls you get form agents. Most agents will have you sign something before they show your home.