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- Highly likely to recommend
04/23/2013 - brad77amg
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $850K in Almaden Valley, San Jose, CA.
From start to finish, Aimee and Angel did a great job making this process as easy as possible! We provided them with our must haves for a home in the San Jose area. With that information Aimee showed us many homes that fit our needs. Aimee did a wonderful job steering us clear of homes that we initially liked but that had unseen and expensive issues.

When we finally located the home of our dreams, Aimee and Angel made sure we made a competitive bid that was also within our budget. We landed the house and couldn't be happier. Thanks Aimee and Angel!
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- Highly likely to recommend
04/15/2013 - user6205324
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $850K in Almaden Valley, San Jose, CA.
Before purchasing our house, we conducted an extensive search of the San Jose area. There were many houses that we wanted to view. However, due to my husband and my work schedules, we could not attend the traditional open houses on the weekends. Aimee and Angel worked around our schedules completely. They showed us houses during the weekdays and at nights. They were also there to answer our questions at anytime during the day and night. We were constantly calling with questions regarding potential properties. Their willingness to work around our hectic schedules made the process easier.
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- Highly likely to recommend
10/18/2012 - yarmi74
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $500K in Santa Cruz, CA.
Aimee and Angel took me to several houses so I could get an idea of what was available. Aimee also answered a year's worth of questions from me about the market, the bidding process, etc. and she really knows her stuff when it comes to filling out the necessary paperwork--ours was a bit more difficult since it was a Short Sale, but she powered through it. They are very dedicated to their business, vigilant about changes in real estate law and calling the selling agent, and attentive to clients' needs.
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- Will never recommend
09/30/2012 - Jamie A
Bought a home in 2012.
I recently purchased my first home using Aimee and dealing with her was a nightmare from beginning to end.

I can't speak for the Santa Cruz area, but Aimee appeared to have no clue regarding current market trends and conditions in the San Jose area. When I wanted to go higher based on 10 mo. of having offers rejected, she pushed me lower. When I finally found a place that didn't have multiple offers and wanted to go lower she pushed me higher.

Aimee will fight you every step of the way on every decision. She is the type of individual who needs to be in control and isn't happy unless she is generating drama.

At one point in the process, I texted her telling her to cool it with the pressure tactics. She responded by sending me a threatening text back telling me that she was going to call and that I had better make time to pick up the call. When she called, she proceeded to yell into the phone repeatedly, "DO YOU WANT ME TO CANCEL THE CONTRACT"? I told her that she was going to make a nice commission off the sale and that she should treat me more respectfully. She proceeded to give me a speech about how she wasn't getting a dime from me because the commission comes from the seller (so by her logic, I guess only sellers deserve to be treated respectfully).

I considered walking away from the purchase at this point, but after searching for 10 mo. and having had many offers rejected, this was the first offer that had been accepted. Based on this, and after some reflection, I swallowed my pride, told myself that I only had to deal with Aimee for 3 more weeks, and proceeded to call her back and apologize after which she told me that there had better be no more nonsense from Amazing, who is the customer here.

Later in the process, Aimee emailed me telling me that the bank had approved my loan (apparently she had spoken with them on the phone). She instructed me that it was time to remove the contingencies. She emailed over the paperwork and I signed it. Several days later, during our final walkthrough of the property, she scolded me for having removed the contingencies without having received official confirmation of loan approval from the bank (even though she was the one who had instructed me to remove the contingencies!). She proceeded to tell me that my deposit was at risk of being lost!

Even on the day I was scheduled to receive the keys, the process did not go smoothly. Aimee sent her husband to deliver the keys (which in retrospect was probably a good idea considering how poorly things had gone between us). She didn't even have the decency to tell me she wasn't coming herself. About 5min. before I was supposed to receive the keys, she texted me telling me that there was one more piece of paperwork to sign! Ugh! Both her husband and I couldn't figure out how to electronically sign the paperwork using my mobile phone. Her husband went to Kinko's while I eventually figured out the mobile version of the web application. Overall, the keys were handed over approx. 45min. later than expected (luckily I had left myself some buffer before the cleaning ladies and carpet cleaners arrived).

Aimee assured me many times during the process that I didn't need to worry about saving/organizing all of the paperwork as one of the services provided was creation of a CD containing all paperwork involved in the transaction. She assured me that the CD would be received within 2 weeks of taking ownership of the property. After a month, I decided that Aimee was not sending the CD. Rather than deal with her, I called the receptionist at Bailey Properties and the girl agreed to make the CD which arrived a few days later in the mail.

If you are a veteran home-buyer looking to buy/sell in the Santa Cruz area, then this *could* be the realtor for you. However, if you are a first time homebuyer or looking at properties in areas other than Santa Cruz, my advice is to choose a more seasoned realtor with better customer service skills.
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