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- Will never recommend
05/13/2012 - user849046
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Greensburg, Green, OH 44232
Tried to get this realtor to assess, price, and put my house on the market. Had a long talk with her about the process, was supposed to hear back within the week to make an appointment to start the selling process, and NEVER heard back. Got a new realtor who returns calls house sold quickly and I would NOT recommend her. So unprofessional...
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Response from Catherine on 05/15/2012
There's definitely more to this story. A couple things are in play here, so let's address it head on. You contact an expert whom you hadn't actually hired yet, expect her to take time to give you FREE advice (which she did), then call her unprofessional for not jumping on you afterwards...sounds like a person of integrity to me and EXACTLY who I'd hire. A high performing individual in her field who knows the value of her skillset and time. Truth be told-you could have reached her via 3 phone numbers, email, online via her websites, or by seeing her at her office that is open 7 DAYS a week. Do YOU know how to contact someone when you're comfortable and ready to move forward? Do you like pushy people? Of course not. Its amazing you couldn't contact her, yet you have time to post a review. A wise man once told me "Sometimes the BEST business deal you make is the one you DON'T make." It seems that was the case here...looks like she was wise on this instance and saw this coming a mile away.


- Unlikely to recommend
07/05/2011 - tt7
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $75K in West Akron, Akron, OH.
Pros: -Catharine was aggressive in getting the deal done.

-She made reasonable recommendations (that demonstrated her knowledge of the pricing in the market) for what price to come in at during the offer process. This knowledge resulted in my getting the home at what I felt was a good price.

-I will also commend her for responding to questions and requests in a timely fashion at all times of the day.

-Catharine never made me feel like I was being pushed into purchasing a home or like I was receiving a canned pitch.

-Made use of modern technology in terms of communication, and document distribution

Cons: -I know business gets hectic, but I do have to say she was consistently late (at least 10 minutes) to showings and did not call...

-Last minute contract changes without explanation. (Not necessarily her fault, but it would have been nice for her to elaborate on how the changes in the contract would affect the purchase.)

-She provided little or no insight into local community, ethnicity, entertainment, etc...

-Didn't explain the process well (first time buyer, assumed that I would know when to order what inspection and what to look for).

-Howard Hannah offices charge an additional $225 administrative fee on top of the agent's commission during home purchases.

-Didn't make common reccomendations like a walk through a few days before close...

-Catharine's desire to succeed can sometimes manifest itself in what many would perceive as unprofessional behavior. (This is both a pro and a con, I would probably be content with her trying to sell my home, I am not sure that I would be as happy having her help me purchase one again?)
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Response from Catherine on 07/07/2011
A desire to succeed is unprofessional? Hmmm - glad most people DO choose to work w/people who have a desire to succeed. Raymond Latiano:Please chk your email for pgs you signed, 3 times, that outlined the $225 fee. Lenders, title co.s, and brokerages charge fees-I don't. Community insight? I was ranked #1 for sales and have owned a home in that area for 15 yrs. I'm surprised by the post as you said you were working w/many agents before choosing the best represent you. I do have info. on local statistics. The value of my services is NOT in entertainment info. I provide. I advise clients that buying a bank-owned, w/o utilities on, is a headache, but I worked on a transaction most would not pursue and protected you by requesting inspections. We walked thru the property SEVERAL times, even in snow up to the knees.I made time for it on my way to a charity event so your family could see it. This property could re-sell for 2-3 times the selling price-I would think that would make you happy :)


- Will never recommend
07/03/2011 - frankeibler
Listed, but didn't sell my Single Family home in 2010 in Akron, OH.
I can't tell you how bad of an experience we had with Haller. Here was a realtor with no regard or dedication to our best interests....didn't return telephone calls promptly(always 2 days later), in fact she seemed really hard up for a sale, telling us that the buyer would walk if we didn't take his rediculous, un-researched offer! Turns out we had no option but to get rid of her and get a replacement, her assistant. To make this short, we ended up getting $10K more than what Haller wanted to take for our home. In addition, we were supposed to get a customer satisfication questionaire from the broker but never received it. Politics? Employee/broker protection? Tell me!
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Response from Catherine on 07/05/2011
Thanks for posting although there are several false statements throughout. I did sell a house of an acquaintance of yours and the records, the MLS, and all legal documents reflect that. Also, I was not replaced; I do have a partner to assist clients as needed when I am unavailable. I am very respectful of all of my clients’ time and needs. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to help clients who are under much stress, angry, and having difficulty. As for being 'hard up for a sale', I was certainly anything but that - on the contrary, I sold, and had placed under contract, over 50 properties last year, in 2010. I feel fortunate and blessed to have had many, many appreciative clients who understand that I must share with them the possible scenarios and outcomes in order for them to make the very best decision possible for them and their families. Finally, I was awarded the Quality Service Award for 2010, based on client reviews and yours was included.


- Will never recommend
12/09/2013 - tiffaness
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Acme, Sharon Center, OH 44281
I worked with this realtor in 2009 to purchase a lot for build. I brought my feelings of dissatisfaction of her performance (unresponsive, late for showings, not following up with what she said she would do) to her attention on two different occasions and was met with a lot of excuses and defensiveness. I also felt she pressured me to commit to a deal that was not in my best interest but would have netted her a sale. I opted to discontinue the agency relationship and am much better off for having done so. My personal opinion is that she lacked integrity. Also, any sales person who constantly reminds a client how many hours she's clocked without getting paid is incredibly unprofessional. That is something that is ok to vent with colleagues and friends, but never to the client! And finally, some of the five star reviews below sound and look suspiciously like her own style of writing.
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Response from Catherine on 12/11/2013
Hmm...there are 2 sides to every story, of course. Let's think logically about this and not base our comments on emotion, shall we? First of all, someone with poor 'responsiveness' does not make it to the Top 1% of their industry in the Nation -it just doesn't happen. And someone who sells over 100 houses a YEAR probably doesn't need to pressure anyone in to taking ANY deal or post reviews. She was probably right about a deal you should have taken. It's a bit vengeful that you're posting NOW about something from 2009.I doubt you have ever been in sales, Tiffany. Honestly, if someone reminds you of how much time they've investing in working for you, you've probably abused them and they're just trying to politely remind you that they expect to be compensated for their expertise-instead of finding out from a developer that you wanted to buy their lot at a cheaper price by not honoring the relationship.Personally, I would rather have fewer dollars in my pocket, but still have my integrity.


- Will never recommend
06/21/2014 - CherylHindman
Sold a home in 2014.
Unresponsive, had to beg to get a call back, not forthcoming on contracts and paperwork. Would not recommend to anyone. Howard Hanna is getting a reputation of being sneaky.
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Response from Catherine on 06/27/2014


- Highly likely to recommend
03/31/2014 - Rayogen
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $125K in Northwest Akron, Akron, OH.
The level of professionalism the Catherine Haller Team has is amazing. They know what the market is looking for, and worked with me to make sure my house met those needs. They politely let me know where my style decisions in the house could slow down a sale, and when I listened they were right. The communication was complete, I received every advertisement of my house, I received every feedback from showings (good and bad), and I got answers when other Realtor dismissed my questions. When I finally got offers on my house, they walked me through the good and bad of each and worked with me to get the best closing price. They even showed up at the title agency when I signed the papers, just in case I had other questions. A professional service, from a professional group of people. I consider myself lucky to have found them; and I look forward to working with them to find land for my next home!
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- Highly likely to recommend
06/20/2013 - Adamhilliard
Listed, but didn't sell my Single Family home in 2013 in Kenmore, Akron, OH.
I was previously with a realtor that was all about promises, promises he never delivered. He preached expertise, that sent me in the wrong directions.

After being fed up, I switched to Catherine, and what a RELIEF. Catherine was absolutely everything I could have asked for. She gave me objective advice, that wasn't based on increasing her bottom line, helped me see the market for what it is, and helped me come to a conclusion that cut her paycheck considerably (renting instead of selling until the market stabilitzed), but didn't put me into a difficult place. After making the switch, she had 4 interested tenants within 2 weeks, at the rate I was hoping to get. You can't argue with those kind of results. I ended up with a tenant I believe will be great, and I look forward to working with her again when that time comes.

I could not be happier with Catherine, and I would say the same for anyone considering using her or her team.
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- Highly likely to recommend
03/25/2013 - Bimoran01
Property manage a Single Family home in Fairlawn, OH.
Catherine was an angel sent from heaven! Truly! In the midst of my relocation to the west coast and what I thought was a good tenant in my house with a one year lease ... a total fiasco unfolded. I was then referred to a property management company that became nightmare #2. I was then referred to Catherine ... thank goodness. With a frantic potential client, 2,800 miles away, Catherine asked the pertinent questions, gave all the answers in a very timely and professional manner and handled everything from 2,800 miles away. Thank goodness for technology. She has not only eased my mind, but was able to secure FABULOUS tenants and acts as the direct point of contact in my absence. All day to day and/or "bigger" issues are dealt with by her and her staff and I am kept in the loop. Catherine is an an amazing individual and a true professional. I would highly recommend her for any and all my (or anyone else's) real estate needs. Thank you Catherine! You truly are heaven sent!
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- Highly likely to recommend
03/17/2013 - mzgetpaid
Showed home in 2010 in Fairlawn, OH.
Catherine sold my fiance and I our first home a few years ago. It was a very stressful process. I am not sure we knew what we were getting into. Catherine made sure we knew exactly what was going to happen, before it even happened. I respect her now more than ever because she just sold our home and is now working to help us find another home. She has a Team of agents that are on call so you NEVER have to worry about waiting. Reading these other reviews reminds me of when Catherine and I first started searching for a home for my family. At times, I thought that this woman is too blunt, but in the end, her knowledge and expertise in the art of negotiation, helped us get our former home at a fantastic value, well below the sales price!!! You have to Trust the professional that you hire because they can see the bigger picture, which is the best value in a market that changes daily. I highly recommend working with this Team of experienced Professionals, you will not be sorry!
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- Highly likely to recommend
12/06/2012 - user578267
Showed home in 2012 in Highland Square, Akron, OH 44302.
Catherine showed my spouse and I a house in West Akron. She was very knowledgable about the community. She also knew alot about the house she was showing. Although she wasn't our agent we enjoyed our experience with her
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