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Burbank Blvd & Noble Ave Neighborhood safety


For the most part, all areas of the East Valley have a healthy crime rate.  Burglaries from Motor Vehicles are at the top with occasional break ins in the quiet neighborhoods.  If you live in congested areas of LA, you'll always hear about some crime and compared to most, it's fairly safe.

Is 5-ARM a good plan for me?


A 5 year may be a good option if it lowers your payments and you only intend to own the unit for so long.  If you plan to keep it it long term and you can reduce your payment enough, you may want to keep your existing loan in place.  It could prove to e a very solid investment long term at the current interest rate.

Should I buy a condo in which the HOA is bankrupt? How would it affect me?


If you got the right deal, theoretically the HOAs financial status could improve leaving you in a better financial position.  If the HOA is going to be an issue and you are paying full retail to be in a condo complex where an association that is a mess, buyers may go away and values could decline.

public records


The information is pulled from the county recorders office who files it with the tax assessors office.  A Title representative can pull the transfer tax stamps to give you the value paid.

When is it a good time to drop the price of your home


If your home is not selling in a market with strong buyer activity such as the market we are currently in, then it is overpriced.  Its that simple.  If you want to sell it, lower the price by increments of $25, 50 or 100,000 depending on the value of your home every 30 days until it sells.

How can I obtain legal authority to sell grandmother's property?


The only ways to obtain legal authority to sell your grandmothers property is for the proper to become legally yours.  One way is for her to deed the house directly to you, another may be through proper estate planning.  The problem you then face is legal and tax liability so before you do anything you should consult with a Real Estate attorney.  While you feel strongly that she is throwing good money after bad, unfortunately, there is not much you can do, its her house.